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article imageVideo: 'Schick X Attack on Titan' commercial for Hydro 5 razor

By Can Tran     Jun 10, 2014 in Entertainment
To promote the Hydro 5 razor in Japan, Schick has collaborated with the anime 'Attack on Titan' for a series of promotional videos and a commercial called 'Refresh on Titan.'
Anime is one of Japan's biggest domestic and international commodities; while it is very popular in Japan, the media of anime is appealing nationwide after being part of mainstream pop culture. In the case of Japan, many businesses including international businesses are taking notice. As a result, mainly in Japan, companies work with anime studios to respectively cross promote products and series. One such example is Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan which has become an international sensation after being adapted into an anime series.
The shaving product company Schick is one of the latest companies to use anime to promote products; it has found the perfect series to have product tie-ins: Attack on Titan. When you carefully think about it, this cross promotion does make plenty of sense. A couple of promotional videos and a commercial has been made in regards to the Schick X Attack on Titan cross promotion. They call it “Refresh on Titan.” This promotion focuses on the Schick Hydro 5 razor.
The commercial talks about how in 2014 the Titans wanted humanity to help them shave their beards. Instead of fighting the Titans, in which the humans risk getting themselves killed, they agreed to shave the Titans' beards and mustaches.
Screengrab from the Rocket News 24 article on  Refresh on Titan.
Screengrab from the Rocket News 24 article on "Refresh on Titan."
Rocket News 24
Instead of the Survey Corps, they have become the Shaving Corps.
Anime News Network (ANN) gives an English translation of the first commercial as it has Eren telling people to enter his Shaving Brigade.
Translation for the Schick X  Attack on Titan  commercial by Anime News Network.
Translation for the Schick X "Attack on Titan" commercial by Anime News Network.
Anime News Network
The full-length video promo Eren Jeager taking about the need to shave their faces.
He talks about shaving the beards of the Titans.
Rocket News 24
One person replies that it's impossible to shave those beards smoothly.
Rocket News 24
Then, Eren replies back saying that the chins are big and the beards are thick. He claims that he can do it.
Rocket News 24
His best friend Armin wants to join the Shaving Corps. But, Eren tells Armin that he's never shaved in his life.
Foster sister Mikasa says that if she's not with him, Eren will miss some spots.
Rocket News 24
Asides from promoting the Hydro 5, there are special mini figures available if you purchase a set of the Hydro 5 razors. Plus, there is an augmented reality app available as well and a set of promos. If you have read the manga or watched the anime, you will very much understand the logic behind the Schick X Attack on Titan cross promotion.
While the anime has ended, the manga is still ongoing.
The second video has Mikasa addressing the Shaving Corps which is from the scene where she vows to kill the Titans. In this promotional video, Mikasa doesn't kill; instead, she vows to shave all the beards herself if everybody else is too cowardly.
Rocket News 24
The final video has Jean talking about how he's exhausted from shaving all those beards. He tells the remaining Titans that the shop is booked and for them to come back another time.
In the actual story, the story takes place far in the future where the remnants of humanity hole themselves up in a walled up city reminiscent of Bavaria, Germany. Mankind lives in fear due to cannibalistic giants known as Titans stalking around. Protagonist Eren Jeager joins the Survey Corps to do battle against the Titans.
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