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article imageVideo: 'Road To Ninja — Naruto The Movie' US trailer

By Can Tran     Aug 11, 2014 in Entertainment
"Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie" is getting a limited US theatrical screening on August 29. ELEVEN ARTS has streamed a trailer for viewing.
The sixth movie in the Naruto Shippuden series, Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie aka Naruto 6: Road To Ninja, will be getting a limited screening in North America. ELEVEN ARTS, which specializes in US theatrical releases of foreign movies, will be responsible for bringing Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie. You can catch the limited screening of the movie in select theaters on August 29 in the United States.
A trailer has been streamed for viewing.
On September 7 and September 11, there will be limited screenings of Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie taking place in Canada. You can go onto the website for ELEVEN ARTS and check the screen dates and locations.
Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie came out in theaters in Japan back in 2012. The story focuses on Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno — when fighting Akatsuki,they get trapped by Tobi's Dojutsu. They end up in a parallel world in which Naruto's parents are still alive with Sakura's parents are dead; in that world, Sakura's parents sacrificed their lives to deal with Kyuubi. Naruto and Sakura see that the people in that world are mirror opposites of their real world counterparts.
In that world you have Sai who is a terrible artist who claims is good, Sasuke being a ladies' man, Hinata being very aggressive, Neji being a pervert, Kiba hating dogs, Shino hating bugs, Shikamaru being a slacker, and so forth. Rock Lee remains the same; but, he secretly wears bra and panties.
They try to find a way to return to their world; in that parallel world, Naruto is known as Menma. While skeptical of this world, Naruto learns what it truly is like to have a family in which he seemingly gets to see his father Minato and mother Kushina for the first time.
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