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article imageVideo: Netflix original 'Marco Polo' trailer

By Can Tran     Nov 21, 2014 in Entertainment
"Marco Polo," based off the same historically figure, is the latest original series to be created for Netflix. Subscribers can watch the series in December.
If you have a subscription to Netflix streaming video, you can catch season three of the Netflix exclusive series Lilyhammer, which has already broadcast in its native Norway. If you reside in the United Kingdom, you can watch Lilyhammer on BBC4.
This is an example of how Netflix and Hulu are competing against each other with exclusive and original content.
The battle of content, however, could turn up in Netflix's favor. Compared to Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix has the most impressive original content. House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, two Netflix original series, cost almost $4 million an episode to produce.
The money Netflix spends on production is nothing compared to how much the service makes a year in streaming and DVD subscription plans. If you thought Netflix spent a lot of cash on those shows, just wait until December 12th, when Marco Polo is available to everybody that can get the streaming service.
Marco Polo, the newest original series from Netflix, documents the life of Italian explorer Marco Polo, who traveled the Silk Road to China.
Polo, played by Lorenzo Richelmy, is the protagonist who works closely with the historical Mongolian leader Kublai Kahn. This is a very different take on the original historical story of Marco Polo. One example is Polo learning Kung-Fu in order to survive in China. Some point in the series, as the trailer shows, a hot naked Asian woman dispatches a bunch of armed assailants and not lose breath.
He falls in love with the Mongolian princess Kokachin, played by Zhu Zhu, who is supposed to be wed to an Iranian prince. After spending time in China, roughly two decades, Polo returns to Italy, but he is tasked by Khan with escorting Kokachin to Persia. This is the same historical Kokachin.
Marco Polo is full of action, drama, and political intrigue.
Historians ready to debate the historical inaccuracies of Marco Polo can do so on December 12th.
For everybody else, Marco Polo has a lot of action and drama. There is something for everybody.
With the filming locations, the costumes, props, and special effects, Marco Polo could cost more to produce than Orange Is The New Black, Hemlock Grove, and House of Cards combined. This series could be the one that puts Richelmy on the global spotlight.
The series also stars major international star power such as Joan Chen, Rick Yune, and Benedict Wong.
Chen, playing Empress Chabi, has a number of credits on her resume such as What's Cooking, 1911, Fringe, Judge Dredd, Saving Face, Americanese, Homicide: Life on The Street, The Hunted, and Twin Peaks.
Yune's credits include Olympus Has Fallen, Alone in the Dark II, The Fifth Commandment, Die Another Day, and The Fast and the Furious.
Amazon and Hulu may want to take notes on Marco Polo.
It was originally believed that Polo was responsible for bringing pasta to Italy, but that turned out to be false. Historically, according to Culinary Lore, Polo was not taken seriously by others. Polo's book, The Travels of Marco Polo, is not considered credible by most scholars. There is no concrete evidence of Polo's existence in Chinese or Mongolian historical records. For that reason, The Travel of Marco Polo is also called Il Milione aka “The Million Lies.”
Did Polo really travel across the Silk Road to China? All accounts of Polo's adventures are secondhand, third-hand, and fourth-hand at best. Even in death, Polo still stood behind what he wrote.
Even if Polo's adventure across the Silk Road could be a tall tale, don't let that stop you from enjoying the upcoming Marco Polo series.
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