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article imageVideo: 'JJBA — Stardust Crusaders' Egypt Arc 1st full trailer

By Can Tran     Dec 21, 2014 in Entertainment
Look forward to the continuation of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders" on January 9th as the JoJos and their friends arrive on the shores of Egypt on their journey to fight and kill Dio Brando.
Just to remind you, the second half of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, “The Egypt Arc,” will air in Japan and stream internationally on January 9th. The first full-length trailer has been streamed for the upcoming anime, which was unveiled this weekend in Japan at the Jump Festa 2015 anime and gaming event.
If you have read the original ongoing manga of the same name, watched the original video animations (OVA), or played the Playstation fighting game of the same name, you will surely remember the scenes in this trailer.
"The Egypt Arc" begins as the JoJos and their companions make it to the Egyptian shore, which brings them closer to confronting Dio Brando, the story's antagonist. That means danger draws closer and is greater for the JoJos as Dio does not pull any punches to ensure none of them get to their destination.
Iggy, a Boston Terrier, is introduced as being the sixth and final member of the JoJos. He is reluctant to do so and shows it with hostility, which is understandable. Rhetorically speaking, why would you want to get dragged into a battle where you can get killed and have little to show for it?
As a spoiler, Iggy does die at the hands of Iced. That is a huge spoiler warning.
Iggy will do a lot of “bonding” with Polnareff throughout the journey. Their first adventure in “The Egypt Arc” focuses on a strategic battle against N'Dul, a blind man with enhanced hearing, who wields the water-based Stand known as Geb. It becomes a dangerous battle as N'Dul can sense ground vibrations, which gives him the upper hand.
They will duel the duo of Oingo and Boingo, whose namesake is from the famous 80s pop band of the same name, in an interesting battle.
Other villains introduced in “The Egypt Arc” include Chaka, Mahrahia, and more. It will lead to the ultimate showdown between Jotaro Kugo and Dio Brando. Jonathan Joestar defeated Dio in the first volume, “Phantom Blood,” and Jotaro will finish the job in the rest of “Stardust Crusaders.”
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is the second season to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which centers on “Phantom Blood” and “Battle Tendency.”
“Phantom Blood” takes place in 19th century England, where Dio is brought in as a ward to the Joestar family. Dio is a rotten brat and schemes to take the family fortune only to be neutralized. Jonathan puts a stop to Dio's plans. Dio dons the “Stone Mask,” which turns him into a vampire. He creates an army of vampires and zombies on a path to global domination.
Jonathan, with the help of Antonio Zapelli and other Hamon users, he defeats Dio, but dies at sea when Dio's head reanimates.
“Battle Tendency” starts off in the early 20th century in New York City and focuses on Jonathan's grandson, Joseph Joestar. He inherits the power of Hamon from his grandfather and estranged mother.
Joseph ends up fighting vampires on a journey that takes him across the world. It somewhat continues off “Phantom Blood” as Joseph must defeat the Pillar Men and their leader, Cars, the inventor of the Stone Mask.
“Stardust Crusaders” takes place in 1987, with Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo, the former's grandson, as the protagonists. Dio, who attached his head to Jonathan's body, pricked himself with a piece of the Bow & Arrow and acquired two Stand abilities. This set off a chain reaction that caused all living members of the Joestar bloodline to develop Stand abilities, too.
Holly, Joseph's daughter and Jotaro's mother, lacks the warrior spirit to control her Stand, which threatens to eat her alive. The JoJos and their allies head to Egypt to kill Dio as a means to cure Holly.
Dio, with Jonathan's Stand, is able to see all of the JoJos movements. That enables Dio to send enemy Stand users to their location, which does not give the heroes any breathing room. The JoJos and their allies must watch their backs at all times.
This is the most popular arc of the franchise because it set up future stories, where Stands are used.
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