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article imageVideo: Japanese anime 'Psycho Pass 2' 1st trailer

By Can Tran     Sep 20, 2014 in Entertainment
NoitaminaTV, through YouTube, has streamed an actual new trailer for the upcoming "Psycho-Pass 2" anime series which is set to air October.
If you are a fan of the Japanese anime series known as “Psycho-Pass,” then you can look forward the newest trailer for the second season of the anime called “Psycho-Pass 2.” This trailer has actual new footage from the highly anticipated second season. Those that have not watched the first season of the anime, be prepared for spoilers in the second season. The trailer was streamed by NoitaminaTV on its YouTube channel.
The trailer shows off the cast of Psycho-Pass 2; it is unknown if Shinya Kogami, the primary protagonist from the first season, will be present in the second season. If you have watched the first season, then you should know that Kogami has left the police force and is currently in hiding as a fugitive on the run from the Sybil System. It is unknown of Kogami is still in Japan or has fled the country.
Inspector Akane Tsunemori, introduced as a rookie inspector in the first season, serves as the primary protagonist of the second season. She is rejoined by Nobuchika Ginoza, Yayoi Kunizuka, and Shion Karanomori. Since the events of the first season, due to witnessing the death of his estranged father, Ginoza's Psycho-Pass is at a level where he is a “latent criminal.” He is stripped of his rank as Inspector and is demoted to Enforcer. Yayoi, from the first season, remains as an Enforcer. Shion, also introduced in the first season, continues to work in the crime lab.
New characters are introduced as well such as rookie Inspector Mika Shimotsuki (introduced at the end of the first season of Psycho-Pass), Enforcer Sakuya Tougane, and Enforcer Sho Hinakawa.
Anime News Network (ANN) reports there are changes. I.G Production, which produced the first season, is replaced by Tatsunoko Productions for the second season.
Psycho-Pass 2 will air on October 9. It will most likely stream online for international audiences. The promo trailer features the opening theme called “Enigmatic Feeling” performed by Ling Tosite Sigure which did the opening theme for the first half of season one called “Abnormalize” and the ending theme called “Fallen” performed by Egoist which did the ending theme for the first half of season one called “Namae No Nai Kaibatsu.”
This continues off where the first season has left off. Despite knowing the awful truth behind the Sybil System, Akane still decides to obey it as there is no other way to administer law at the moment. But, she will come across a new threat that really makes her question Sybil.
Also, keep in mind that there is a movie coming out this winter that seemingly concludes the Psycho-Pass saga. Those that have not watched Psycho-Pass, the story takes place in the near future in which the Sybil System is used to administer law and order throughout Japan. It is made possible to measure a person's mental state to see if s/he could end up committing crimes.
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