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article imageVideo: J-Anime 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' S2 Jotaro trailer

By Can Tran     Mar 25, 2014 in Entertainment
A new character trailer has been streamed for season 2 of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation" which airs in Japan this April. This trailer focuses on season 2's main star Jotaro Kujo.
Warner Brothers Anime, through its YouTube channel, has streamed the most recent trailer for the upcoming second season to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. This character trailer focuses on Jotaro Kujo, the grandson of Joseph Joestar. He is the main star of season 2, which focuses on chapter 3 of the story called “Stardust Crusaders.” It pretty much focuses on Jotaro's origin as he is fearful of his newly gained Stand ability and saying that he's been possessed by an evil spirit. Briefly, the trailer shows Jotaro using his Star Platinum Stand against Muhammed Avdol's Magician's Red Stand ability.
Chapter 3 takes place after Chapter 2 which is known as “Battle Tendency.” This is the chapter which introduces a new story dynamic in the form of psychic manifestations known as Stand. It is similar to the games within the Shin Megami Tensei universe.
The setting takes places in the 1980s. Dio Brando, Jonathan Joestar's foster brother and main antagonist from Chapter 1: “Phantom Blood,” returns as the antagonist for Stardust Crusaders. Due to the circumstances that ended Phantom Blood, Dio managed to attach his head to the corpse of Johnathan Joestar. After piercing himself with one of the Arrows, Dio acquires a Stand. Since he has taken control of Johnathan's body, all members of the Joestar bloodline end up with Stands as well.
Holly Kujo, Jotaro's mother and Joseph's daughter, also develops a Stand. But, she lacks the necessary fighting spirit for the Stand. As a result, Holly's Stand slowly eats away at her. Jotaro and Joseph, with a couple of companions (fellow Stand users), must travel to Cairo, Egypt where Dio resides. They have to defeat him to save the world and cure Holly. However, the journey is difficult as Dio has employed many Stand users to his aid.
Look forward to season two this April.
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