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article imageVideo: 'Heroes Reborn' 1st TV spot

By Can Tran     Feb 2, 2015 in Entertainment
The first teaser trailer for the upcoming "Heroes Reborn" miniseries, with Zachary Levi, was streamed during the Super Bowl last night.
If you are a fan of the NBC science-fiction drama Heroes, that ran from 2006 until 2010 for four seasons, it's receiving a 13-episode reboot known as Heroes Reborn and is scheduled to air on the network later this year. It is unknown if the story will completely be rebooted or it will act as the unofficial fifth season to Heroes.
Heroes was on its fourth season when NBC canceled the show.
Anybody watching the Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots won over the Seattle Seahawks, got to watch the 15-second teaser commercial.
Jack Coleman reprises his role as Noah Bennet aka H.R.G, the foster father to Claire Bennet (portrayed by Hayden Panettiere), who follows a mysterious girl that has the ability to generate auroras. It is unknown if the girl is actually part of the story or simply part of the promotion.
This leaves a lot for fans to speculate about.
There is the high chance that the ability to generate auroras will be important to the story behind Heroes Reborn because the TV spot shows the ability being used on the solar eclipse, which is the crucial plot driver for Heroes.
Volume 3: Villains, during the first half of season three, had a brief story centering on the new solar eclipse causing everybody to temporarily lose their powers. Claire was in a world of hurt because her regenerative power only acted as a buffer for infectious diseases, which attacked her body the moment she became vulnerable.
At least Heroes remains consistent with the solar eclipse.
Coleman is the only original cast member returning and it is unknown who will return for Heroes Reborn, but Zachary Levi is confirmed as a new cast member. You may remember Levi as the titular Chuck Bartowski, the protagonist and hero of the NBC series Chuck.
It is unknown what role Levi's character will play in Heroes Reborn, but he looks hostile.
If Zachary Quinto returns to play Gabriel “Sylar” Gray, perhaps there could be a fight between Sylar and Levi's character. This could be payback for Levi beating Quinto in a Halo 3 tournament.
Since Heroes, Coleman played a number of powerful roles.
Coleman got to work with his former Heroes costar Stana Katic in the ABC series Castle, where Katic plays heroine Kate Beckett. He played Senator William Brecken, one of Beckett's personal antagonists and the person responsible for her mother's murder.
Katic had a brief role in season one of Heroes as Israeli soldier Hana Gitelman, who possessed the power of cyberpathy.
Coleman had a recurring role in the ABC series Scandal as Daniel Douglas, the husband to US Vice-President Sally Langston and closeted homosexual.
After Chuck ended, Levi played Frandal in Thor: The Dark World.
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