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article imageVideo: 2014 remake of 'Godzilla' extended trailer

By Can Tran     Apr 6, 2014 in Entertainment
A new extended trailer has been streamed for the upcoming 2014 remake of the popular kaiju movie franchise known as "Godzilla." The movie hits theaters May 16.
Not long ago, a brief teaser trailer was streamed for the upcoming 2014 reboot of the popular kaiju movie franchise “Godzilla.” Now, the extended trailer has been streamed. If you have watched the previous teasers, trailers, and ads, you should get a gist of what this new trailer is showing. The main focus on the extended trailer is protagonist Dr. Joe Brody (portrayed by Bryan Cranston of the “Malcolm In The Middle” and “Breaking Bad” fame) who is shown to have lost his wife during the destruction of a nuclear power plant.
You can see Brody's guilt-ridden and conflicted face due to having to shut the steel doors on his own wife yet contemplating that he had to do his job in order to save other people.
Brody accused the government of a very dangerous coverup by saying that a natural disaster wasn't the cause of the plant being reduced to rubble. He suspects that something else caused it; soon, Brody is proven right.
Then it shows an island, possibly Hawaii, getting hit by a massive tsunami. Flares hit the night sky to reveal the body of Godzilla. The trailer then shifts into the military action. You can see notable cast members Elizabeth Olson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ken Watanabe.
Fans of Godzilla can look forward to this movie come May 16.
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