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article imageUruk-hai prank leaves victims unnerved and YouTubers laughing

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 13, 2014 in Entertainment
Amsterdam - A few residents of Amsterdam where more than a bit surprised when a vicious Uruk-hai from Tolkien mythology invaded their real lives. With sword in hand he strode mightily to buy some groceries.
When Actor Olivier Richters found out that his friend and makeup artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes needed help with a project he jumped on it. She dressed him up and painted him with the ancestral markings of an Uruk-hai from The Lord of the Rings.
The results were quite amusing when they took him out in public to nonchalantly ride in elevators and shop around. At around 7 feet tall Richters struck an imposing figure with his sword and cape. Many people were absolutely shocked but probably had some idea of the prank going on.
The video has gone viral and gained quite a bit of attention for those involved with the detailed and rather amusing project. Our readers are probably enjoying it right now. Both the original poster and copies of the video have become popular. The original has over 700K views and climbing. While a few people were a bit scared by the prank it doesn't look like they caused any real harm.
Uruk-hai are the massive, muscled and monstrous adversaries which are extremely common in The Lord of the Rings. Pretty much all the versions of "Orcs" that we have are based on the original version in the books. Rings Author J.R.R Tolkien first presented versions of them as menacing adversaries in his books which influenced generations of writers to create similar villains.
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