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article imageUpdate: Joan Rivers in serious condition, placed in induced coma

By Nancy Houser     Aug 30, 2014 in Entertainment
Manhattan - According to Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan Rivers, her mother has been placed in a medically induced coma after she quit breathing during a routine outpatient surgery on her vocal cords early Thursday morning.
The New York Daily News says that, "Doctors are unsure how long Rivers went without breathing, and are still trying to assess how her sudden collapse might affect the caustic comedienne and fashion critic."
Joan's only daughter is distraught over the chance she may face a life-or-death decision on her comatose mom, depending on what doctors find, Melissa and her son, Cooper, flew into New York from California on Thursday, expecting to hear a prognosis the next day after her mother quit breathing.
Rivers had few health problems that got her down, enjoying life to the fullest. Always having an unfailing sense of arcastic humor, River's one standing joke was her unhealthy diet,
“I try not to be, but I’m a terrible eater,” she said. “I wish I could say I eat super-healthy, but I don’t. I love junk food — it should be its own food group — so I help my bones with supplements and medicine.”
At 81-years of age, Joan Rivers was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 after a fall down a flight of New York City subway stairs. It could have left television icon Joan Rivers with a few broken bones—or worse. "The only thing hurt was my pride," says Joan, 77, who eight years ago was diagnosed with osteoporosis.
According to Guide2BoneHealth, it wasn't until she had a complete workup, at the age of 68, that she had her first bone mineral density (BMD) test, a diagnostic tool that measures bone strength and the risk for osteoporosis.
"The doctor called me and said I had osteoporosis, and that I was going to end up breaking bones—most likely a hip—and be crippled," she says, recalling the results of that BMD test. "I got very upset. I thought my life was going to be over in five years, so I should pack it all in and bubble-wrap myself."
Rivers sought a second opinion from another physician to confirm the original diagnosis. However, the second doctor told her that bone loss actually is reversible. "The first doctor didn't tell me that," says Joan. "He just scared the life out of me." From then on, she began receiving infusions of a drug proven to fight osteoporosis and calcium pills. After a year, she received much happier news. "The doctor said not only did we stop the bone loss, but we were turning it around."
Long-time friends say that Joan would never want to be a burden to anyone, such as living in a comatose state and require 24-hour nursing care. Regarding a spot on her lung, she once said, "We’re just not going to be sad about this,” Rivers said during the episode. “We’re gonna do jokes and be up until we know. That’s how I deal with things. I’m not just gonna sit around the next couple of days and go crazy.”
According to the UK Telegraph, her manager once said most people see her as a plastic-surgery freak past her sell-out date. Finished. But he goes on, "But God help the next queen of comedy, because this one’s not abdicating. She never will. There will be claw marks in that red carpet before she abdicates.”
Get well, Joan Rivers. We pray you will sit straight-up in bed with one of your famous sarcastic one-liners, "I've had so much plastic surgery, if I had died my daughter would have had to donate my body to Tupperware!"
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