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article imageTheater chains not happy with Sony 'Interview' announcement

By Tim O'Brien     Dec 23, 2014 in Entertainment
UPDATE: Sony has announced today (Dec. 24) that they will upload "The Interview" to You Tube. Now, in theaters and offered up on You Tube for a movie that would have never gotten this much attention had it gone on as scheduled.
As the uproar, fallout and confusion continues for Sony, it turns out the film "The Interview" will have its release on Christmas day, after all. But, a very limited run.
For those who may think the Sony hack mess is odd, this will add to that for sure. But, with a possible retaliation of a dark internet for North Korea for a period of time on Dec. 22, the show will go on.
For those theaters, it is right on schedule, too. "The Interview" was set to open wide on Christmas day. However, the list of theaters showing it is so small, the amount of press might not seem warranted. But, for these theaters, which may have not got this kind of press before, this is a sweet Christmas present.
But, for the major theater chains (which pulled it before Sony) they are not in the mix, for now. That are not happy, indicated The Wrap. But if they do get on board, it will mean sometime in January, which is a good idea, considering that month is brutal at theaters.
Right now, it looks like 200-300 small, independent theaters are getting involved, which will not mean big numbers. An example of how this is being released is those smaller indie films that get a limited release, and then it builds, depending on word-of-mouth and money made.
With VOD (Video on Demand), that is another story. Would theater chains want to put it in their theaters when it is already being seen on VOD? Theater chains may stay out of this, too, since many behind-the-scenes conversations are about how Sony blamed them for the debacle.
Other Christmas day openings:
"The Interview" - 200-300 locations; VOD TBD
1. "Unbroken" - 3,000+ theaters
2. "Into the Woods" - 2,200 theaters
3. "The Gambler" - Nationwide
4. "Selma"- 19 theaters
5. "American Sniper"- 4 theaters
6. "Big Eyes" - limited
A crowded day already hampers the holiday but so does the release of "The Interview." It will make the larger exhibitors upset and leave the idea of them showing it in limbo right now.
Angelina Jolie and her "Unbroken" arrives, as does Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper." Now, "Unbroken" open wide while "American Sniper" gets in to qualify for Oscar consideration. So, "American Sniper" will be in less theaters than "The Interview."
"Selma" has Oscar aspirations as well, while "The Gambler" wants eyes as does "Big Eyes" starring Amy Adams.
More award season love is on for "Into the Woods," where Meryl Streep sings.
Let's end the with a Tweet from Seth Rogan.
Seth Rogen ✔ @Sethrogen
The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed! Sony didn't give up! The Interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it on Xmas day!
10:06 AM - 23 Dec 2014
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