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article imageThe WWE Network goes Extreme

By Zachary Stallings     Nov 6, 2014 in Entertainment
The WWE announced, that starting next week the WWE Network will go extreme. For one whole week the WWE Network will showcase the company that defined an era: ECW.
Yesterday announced that next week, immdiently following WWE's flagship program Monday NIght Raw, the WWE Network will go extreme.
The week will kick off with "ECW Exposed," which will be hosted by the voice of ECW Joey Styles and Paul Heyman. The show will answer fan questions, and also reveal behind-the-scene stories.
One could easily argue that if there was no ECW, there'd be no WWE.
WWE took a lot from ECW, mainly their extreme, in-your-face, smash mouth style. ECW had attitude, before having attitude was cool. ECW introduced a lot of stars, that if not for ECW, who knows if they would have made it. Stars like: Rey Mysterio, Taz, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
ECW also introduced a style of wrestling that had yet to be seen in the United States. Paul Heyman introduced the Japanese and Mexican styles of wrestling to the world. The Japanese style of wrestling stays true to actual fighting, and the wrestler try to make it look as real as possible. Whereas the Mexican, or Lucha Libre style of wrestling centers around a lot of high flying maneuvers.
What's important about this is that WCW basically would poach these stars that Heyman was bringing from Japan and Mexico, and use them to form the cruiserweight division. WCW may have stolen stars like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho from ECW, but in turn it gave those stars a national platform to perform on.
ECW also helped give birth to arguably one of the biggest stars that the WWE has ever seen, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. ECW gave Austin the platform to speak his mind, and that helped him learn that his real life persona was better than any character he could create. This allowed Austin to take his experience from ECW and turn it into probably the most successful career that the WWE has ever seen.
ECW contributed a lot to professional wrestling, and it quite arguably could have been the driving force behind an era that would define a generation.
For one week the WWE is going to go extreme, and it can all be seen on the WWE Network for the extremely low price of free.
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