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article image'The Identical' will not beat 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 4, 2014 in Entertainment
Looking at the new releases at the box office and it looks like another slow weekend is in the making. That will bode well for the holdovers again, but it means September starts slow.
Slow it will be as the NFL starts its full slate as well. TV can and does hurt the movie box office, even if it seems like it doesn't. On any given night when the NFL is on, 20 million could be in their homes watching, leaving other venues out in the cold. At least bars can tap into the same crowd. Movie theaters really cannot.
The new wide release will not help that, either. "The Identical" has an Elvis feel in that it centers around twins who pursue music careers, despite being raised by different parents (they were separated at birth. Elvis has a twin that was stillborn. Anyway, Blake Rayne plays two roles here. It also stars Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd. Oh, and the lead was an Elvis impersonator at one time.
"The Identical" is aimed for the Christian audience. That means that "Guardians of the Galaxy" is poised to win again. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" should be fine, too.
Meanwhile, "Innocence" is a young adult thriller, fresh with a coven. Nothing more needs to be said. But, it is in more theaters than the re-release of "Forrest Gump" in IMAX. A gut feeling is that "Gump" will do well as the film still holds up.
There are, of course, those small releases, including "Wetlands" and "Thunder and the House of Magic." But, it may be "The Longest Week" that is the per screen average tracker. It stars Jason Bateman, who is the main vehicle. Come to think of it, the subject matter of "Wetlands" may rise above the smaller releases. It is not for the prudish as it is about sex, and more sex. It stars Carla Juri.
1. "The Identical"- 1,950 theaters
2. "Innocence" (2014) - 490 theaters
3. "Forrest Gump" (IMAX)- 300 theaters
4. "The Remaining" - 66 theaters
An odd thing happened at the box office in August. What seems like an oxymoron or at least, confusing, are the numbers. While the yearly box office is down from last year (15 percent), this past month saw the biggest August ever at $1.02 billion.
Let's look at that again. The overall box office is down but August set an all-time record. The reason for that is "Guardians" and "Turtles." Now, because 2013 was a record year, something had to give. Not every year can set records now, can it? But, according to Box Office Mojo, when inflation is added in, the real look at the numbers means it hasn't been this low since 1992.
August was second behind June over the Hollywood box office summer. The real fact is, despite the numbers, less people are watching movies now. So, even those huge box office numbers can be deceiving.
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