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Ted Nugent’s comments lead to casino performance cancellations

By Nicole Weddington     Jul 31, 2014 in Entertainment
The Puyallup Native American tribe, which owns the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, has cancelled two upcoming Ted Nugent shows on August 2 and 3 due to “racist and hate-filled remarks” he made.
This comes directly after the Coeur D’Alene tribe of Idaho cancelled his show at their establishment on August 4, for the same reason.
The Coeur D’Alene tribe didn’t immediately specify which views or comments of Nugent’s they were against, but they were unaware of some of the beliefs he has openly shared as of late, including his comment expressing that President Barack Obama is a “subhuman mongrel.”
Although Nugent later apologized for this statement — in his words, for using “the street fight terminology” — he still says he believes Obama is a “’liar’ violating the Constitution.”
However, his explanation for the show cancellations was that they were against his “vehement support of the Second Amendment, not his alleged racism.”
“They literally have an army assigned to destroy Ted Nugent,” he said in an interview with “To call me a racist is a clear act of desperation…my [former] bass player Johnny Gunnel happens to be a black guy. My [former] bass player Marco Mendoza was born in Mexico! Are you kiddin’ me? I pay tribute to Martin Luther King in my songs, I’ve always said my music is a direct result of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, and all the black musical heroes of my life.”
Some time after the Idaho cancellations, the Coeur D’Alene tribe wrote a Facebook post explaining their stance. “We adamantly do not want our casino to be used as a venue for the racist attitudes and views that Nugent espouses,” they said. “Unfortunately, when we booked him, we were looking at him from an entertainment perspective, as an 80s rock ‘n roller who we thought folks might enjoy.”
It is very likely that the Puyallup tribe of Washington cancelled his shows for the same reasons. A spokesman for the tribe, John Weymer, stated that critics of the rocker were putting pressure on them to cancel his shows.
Native American tribes have invested heavily in casinos are a means of generating an income on their territory. This has become a popular and legal way for Americans to gamble who are otherwise denied by laws which prohibit such activity on the internet. Such sites, like William Hills' online slots, are widely accessible to the rest of the world.
Nugent has come under fire quite a bit in recent times due to his right-wing views, his support of gun rights and hunting, and most controversially for his statements about Obama and his supporters.
It should come as no surprise to Nugent that many people aren’t going to want him to perform in their establishments if they strongly disagree with many of his highly Conservative views.
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