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article imageStudy shows: Millennials still tuning in for traditional TV

By Georgia Williams     Nov 25, 2015 in Entertainment
Just in time for World Television Day (November 21), new statistics show that despite many millennials using mobile devices to watch TV, televisions are still as relevant and appreciated as ever.
Much to the relief of television executives and advertisers, the statistics debunk the myth that millennials don’t watch or engage with their favourite programs via the television screen.
The findings, which are a culmination of data from 10 countries around the world, were collected by the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) and paint a comprehensive and optimistic portrait of just how engaged society is with their TV.
“Although different countries measure and report TV consumption in different ways, what is clear from statistics from across the world is that young people are watching a lot of TV,” reads the report.
In Canada, Germany, USA, Ireland, UK and Italy, young people between the ages of 15 and 34 reported watching approximately 2.5 hours of TV per day in the traditional way. Of course, they are also avid users of digital devices; however, as the findings indicate, even those who use digital devices are still engaged with their TV set.
As media entrepreneur and Toronto based businessman, G. Scott Paterson points out, Millennials and their younger cohorts are tech savvy and they want options. Variety reigns supreme with the digital generation who prefer having the numerous entertainment options to choose from.
There are a multitude of viewing platforms that are engaging not only young people, but society in general. As Scott Paterson emphasizes, niche providers and personalized services are allowing people the flexibility of seeing exactly what they want, on any device they want, whenever they want.
Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Fandor and YouTube are just a few of the numerous options viewers have to find the programming they are looking for. While many viewers access their favourite platforms from digital devices while they are on the go, when they come home, they remain loyal to the television. “As new screens proliferate, it means TV can be watched wherever and whenever people want. However, the TV set remains millennials' favourite way to watch,” says the TVB report.
Consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox and Apple TV also allow viewers to access their favourite television and movie streaming platforms on their TV. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of European youth who were surveyed reported watching programs via TV screen as opposed to laptops, mobile devices and tablets.
Interesting to note: young people also have a more favourable attitude towards advertising when it’s delivered on their TV. One may speculate this is because television is the more traditional form for advertising, or perhaps that viewers are more accustomed to experiencing TV based ads. Either way, the statistics are very telling, especially for advertising executives looking to target one of the largest demographics with trillions of dollars worth of purchasing power.
In the United Kingdom, 16 to 24 year-olds found television advertising more enjoyable, memorable and humorous than any other media. Similarly, “In Canada, 18-34s say they are most likely to pay attention to advertising on TV than other media, they also chose TV as the form of video advertising they are most likely to watch,” reports TVB.
It is no doubt that young people are more engaged digitally than any other group. However, they are using their digital know-how to access the media they want on innovative devices and traditional ones, proving the good old TV is here to stay.
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