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article imageStar-Spangled Trivia

By Eliana Robinson     Jul 2, 2014 in Entertainment
Let’s face it America has it all: baseball, apple pie, and Mom! But how much do you really know about our great country? Try this road trip-ready quiz!!
• 1. How many people signed the declaration of independence? -26 or 56
• 2. Which three U.S. Presidents died on July 4th?
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe
• 3. Which president was born on the 4th of July? -Calvin Coolidge or Woodrow Wilson
Calvin Coolidge
• 4. Of these - George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison which two future presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
• 5. When was the Star - Spangled Banner written? -War of 1812 or Revolutionary War
War of 1812
• 6. On the American flag, what does the color blue symbolize- Loyalty, The Sky, or The Sea?
• 7. What college was the alma mater for most of the signers? -Yale, Harvard, or Princeton
Harvard (7 total)
• 8. What is written on the Statue of Liberty's tablet -George Washington or July 4, 1776?
The date of American Independence written in Roman numerals: July IV MDCCLXXVI.
• 9. What animal did Benjamin Franklin think was best to represent America -Dog, turkey, or bald eagle?
• 10. On the American flag, what does the color red represent -Blood, Bravery, or Great Britain?
Bravery and valor
• 11. In what city, was the Declaration of Independence signed -Boston, Philadelphia, or New York?
• 12. The American flag has more of what -Red stripes, White stripes, or White stars?
50 white stars, 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes
• 13. What country gave America the Statue of Liberty? -England or France
• 14. When was 4th July declared as a National holiday? -1941 or 1841
• 15. What are the first words of the Declaration of Independence?
"When in the Course of human events..."
• 16. What was the first state to make July 4th an official holiday? -Massachusetts or New York
• 17. What country invented fireworks? -Spain or China
• 18. On the American flag, the color white represents -Truce, Rebirth, or Purity?
• 19. How tall is the Statue of Liberty? -176, 224, 305 feet tall
305 feet tall
• 20. What island is the Statue of Liberty on? -Manhattan Island, Statue Island, Liberty Island
Liberty Island
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