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article imageCan 'Spy' knock down 'San Andreas'?

By Tim O'Brien     Jun 4, 2015 in Entertainment
The box office is trying to heat up as the Hollywood summer season rolls along. "Entourage" is out early and grabbing some buzz, but it will not likely win when the weekend is over.
The winner is likely to be "Spy" starring Melissa McCarthy. The R-rated comedy is tracking around $30 million, but films have been over-achieving of late, so that may happen again. If a film is aching to out-perform its projections, it is a comedy like this one.
But, if a film under-performs, it will be Warner Brothers' "Entourage," based on the HBO series. It stars Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven. The film simply looks lazy and contrived, so that may doom it, too.
This is the type of film that gets the hype. That happens because it is about show business, so look for it to do much better out west and the east. Also, "Spy" may beat the five-day take of "Entourage." The projections of $20 million is for the five-day take and the "Spy" figure is for the regular weekend. So, "Spy" can and will likely beat it on its three-day take alone. Ouch. But, for a TV show and one that has a solid fan base, that is enough to make it a hit.
"Spy" will grab the usual female crowd, but it is an R-rated comedy so it should haul in males as well. Call it a date night then for many. By the way, Fox's "Spy" also stars Jason Statham, Jude Law, Rose Byrne, Allison Janney and 50 Cent.
1. "Spy" - 3,700 theaters
2. "Entourage" - 3,108 theaters
3. "Insidious 3" - 3,000 theaters
If "Insidious: Chapter 3" opens like the other two, then it has a chance. If not, it will be around the mid-$20s. But, take heed, it is a prequel so the other two came after this one. Got it? Oh brother. The supernatural film is likely to grab the younger audiences.
Warner Brothers also has "San Andreas," which is still rocking the box office. If it does the usual 50 percent drop, it will still be strong. Plus, look out if the others under-perform and it does not. The odd state of the box office of late makes it more interesting.
Dwayne Johnson is a star on his own with "San Andreas" and good for him. Look out, it has been announced that he will jump into the remake of "Big Trouble in Little China."
For a smaller film that may hit is "Love and Mercy." This is about Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. That alone means it has a fan base. It stars John Cusack as Wilson and early reports are indicating rave reviews for him. Time will tell.
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