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article imageHardcore fans puzzled on Scarlett Johansson's signing to 'GITS'

By Can Tran     Jan 6, 2015 in Entertainment
Reports confirm that Scarlett Johannson is locked onto the planned Hollywood adaptation of Masamune Shirow's "Ghost In The Shell," but hardcore fans are puzzled on the casting.
Ever since video games have become widely accepted as a form of mainstream entertainment, you have seen countless movie adaptations. Paul W.S Anderson has gained notoriety for the film series adaptation of Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovavich, which went off the rails and deviated from the original plot. Uwe Boll gained rabid notoriety and hate for his adaptations of Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, Postal, BloodRayne, Far Cry, and more.
Japanese anime was accepted as a form of mainstream entertainment shortly after. It is not uncommon for manga and anime to receive live-action adaptations in Japan and South Korea. There are many examples to choose from such as Great Teacher Onizuka, Gokusen, Nana, Paradise Kiss, and many more.
There is the upcoming live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan and the upcoming release of Parasyte: Part II. It is rare for anime stories to be adapted into Hollywood titles.
All You Need Is Kill was adapted into Edge of Tomorrow, which stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.
There was Kite, which stars Samuel L. Jackson.
Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball story was adapted into Dragon Ball Evolution, which starred Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum. The film received more than its share of negative reception. In one of the previous TV interviews for the US adaptation of Shameless, which the two of them star in, Rossum implied that the movie was terrible.
There were plans for a Hollywood adaptation for Akira, which Kristen Stewart was going to star in.
Now Masamune Shirow's Ghost In The Shell will receive a Hollywood film treatment, with Dreamworks spearheading the production. Scarlett Johansson was tapped to play Makoto Kusanagi, the heroine of GITS. It is unknown if they will make an American name or stick to the Japanese name.
It has yet to receive the approval for production.
There are reports confirming that Johansson has signed onto the production, but not much has been unveiled. It is believed that if Johansson is 100 percent confirmed to sign on, the chances of the Ghost In The Shell movie will be produced are higher.
GITS takes place a few decades into the future, where Japan has turned to isolationism. The story centers on Public Security Section 9, which is tasked to fight cyberterrorism and cyber crime. Kusanagi leads Section 9.
The hardcore fan base is not happy about Johansson being cast in the movie. They make a valid point of arguing why a non-Asian performer was cast to play an Asian role. One fan points to the possibility of signing Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi instead of Johansson.
Kikuchi, who started out in Japan, grew in popularity internationally. In Japan, one notable show Kikuchi was cast in was Liar Game. International credits include Brothers Bloom, Babel, and Pacific Rim.
In related news, Kikuchi got hitched to actor Shota Sometani. Sometani stars as Shinichi Izumi in the live-action film adaptation of Parasyte.
There are two story adaptations of Ghost In The Shell. The first is the original movie that came out in the mid-1990s and was followed by Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence. Ghost In The Shell: ARISE, a four-part OVA, was released in four parts in the last few years. The OVA takes place before the orginal film.
There was the “Stand Alone Complex” universe that encompassed Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost In The Shell: SAC - 2nd GIG, and Ghost In The Shell: SAC – Solid State Society. This universe is not connected to the film universe.
South Korea will be receiving an MMO adaptation known as Ghost In The Shell Online.
According to IMDb, the film will come out in 2016.
If you can look beyond the fact that Johansson is not Asian, she could pull it off. She has been receiving action roles. You can look at the recent Marvel Studios films, Lucy, and Under the Skin.
In Ghost In The Shell, Major Kusanagi is well-known for her formidable hand-to-hand skills.
Shirow, the creator of GITS, is also famous for Appleseed, Dominion, and Black Magic.
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