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article image'San Andreas' set to strike; eight minutes of 'Aloha' released

By Tim O'Brien     May 28, 2015 in Entertainment
A disaster is about to invade theaters in the form of "San Andreas." The new film will take aim at destroying California, as a major earthquake strikes the San Andreas fault.
The film stars Dwayne Johnson and it is looking to be on solid ground, box office wise, this weekend. It should take over the top spot. But, with around $40 million, it may be another weak weekend for a champion.
Not to be confused with "Earthquake" starring Charlton Heston in the 1970s, "San Andreas" makes that film look like child's play in the destruction realm. Much like the superhero movies of late, everything gets destroyed and buildings fall, making one wonder how many lives would really be lost if that happened.
After all, Superman is here to save mankind, but in "Man of Steel," destruction was everywhere. Likewise, with the rash of superhero movies. The suspension of belief is one thing, but utter destruction for the sake of special effects, is another. The story can get lost and the reality of the property destroyed takes away from the ultimate victory.
Just go back and take a look at "Godzilla" again. Sure, the beast wins in the end, but those cities will never be the same. There is no death toll tallied in these films either.
1. "San Andreas" - 3,777 theaters
2. "Aloha" - 2,815 theaters
When a film like "San Andreas" is released, the hype can sometimes outdo the actual bodies going to see it. But, in the 1970s, when a film like this or "Towering Inferno" opened, it was big. So, if it captures that feeling again, it will over-achieve. If not, look for a weak winner. It just seems like it should do better. It has that kind of appeal to those who rarely goes to a movie anymore. The acting does not matter at all here. It is pure escapism. It is kind of like staring at an accident while driving past it. Something keeps us looking that way.
Now for "Aloha," which is arriving with little fanfare for a reason, likely. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed this romantic comedy. It stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams. It is rated PG-13 while "San Andreas" rates the same. However, the films will not play to the same audiences.
The Wrap reported how "Aloha" is shaping up. They noted that Sony has released the first eight minutes of the movie on You Tube. That may tell the real story. It is in trouble already and has bad buzz.
Now, taking a look back at the reality of Memorial weekend - it was dull. Plus, it was the worst Memorial holiday box office in many years. The studios are hoping that this weekend doesn't disappoint like last weekend. So far, it does not look promising.
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