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article imageRomero to use crowdfunding for Zombie prequel

By Tim Sandle     Oct 18, 2014 in Entertainment
George Cameron Romero, the son of celebrated horror director George A. Romero, is seeking crowdfunding in order to make a prequel to his father's seminal '60s zombie flick "Night of the Living Dead."
In 1968 George A. Romero defined the zombie as portrayed in movies, taking it from its voodoo roots to the types of flesh-eating walking dead currently running high in television shows like "The Walking Dead." This was through a little, low-budget movie called Night of the Living Dead.
Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968, shot in monochrome where the contrasting images arguably enhance the horror and suspense. The plot follows characters Ben (Duane Jones), Barbra (Judith O'Dea), and five others trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania which is attacked by unnamed "living dead" monsters. The final outcome is, in relation to most movies made up to that point, uncharacteristically bleak. The film addresses many themes, including the relationship of the state and its citizens. Another theme is race.
George A. Romero went onto to become a successful, if slightly off-mainstream, film director, writer, editor and cinematographer. He has contributed to a host of projects as either the writer, director, editor, cinematographer.
Now, over 45 years later, Romero's son Cameron is aiming to make a prequel to his father's film. The aim is to reveal how the dead came back to life. The working title is "Origins."
According to M-Stars News, Cameron Romero, who previously directed the indie horror/drama, Staunton Hill, explains the narrative, "I want to take back the zombie genre in the name of the legacy that my father created almost 50 years ago. I want to tell the origin story of the modern zombie, in a way that my father wasn't able to do so back in 1968." Cameron is keen to point out that his father has approved the story's plot.
The only plot details released so far are (via the website Complex):
In 1962, Dr. Ryan Cartwright was on the scientific and altruistic path to find a way for humans to sustain life in the event of M.A.D (Mutual Assured Destruction), a huge topic brought on by the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Little did he know that over the course of the next several years of his life, he would take a well-funded and military focused journey to the darkest corners of the world… as he creates the ultimate weapon for the government and a curse that will plague mankind for the rest of days.
In order to raise funding, Cameron is seeking crowd funding. A range of offers are available for those who contribute, from t-shirts to a chance to appear as a zombie extra. The goal is to raise $150,000 for pre-production costs. For further details see Indiegogo.
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