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article imageReview: The Walking Dead season 4 finale sheds light on Terminus Special

By David Silverberg     Apr 1, 2014 in Entertainment
Your favourite zombie show ended its fourth season with a bang (and a few undead whimpers), as the group rumbled with other survivors and finally made their way to Terminus. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD
As the group got broken up post-prison, the different factions made their way to what they saw as a supportive community, Terminus. "Those who arrive, survive," read the signs pointing the way to Terminus, and Rick and company journeyed along train tracks to seek security in this zombie-infested landscape.
What was intriguing about this season finale were the many flashbacks reminding us of happier times at the prison. Hershel explained to Rick about the need to focus on growing fruits and veggies, finding animals in the wild for everyone to eat, and the importance of building a community instead of always venturing into zombieland.
At one point we see Rick teaching his son Carl about laying a trap for animals by funneling a path towards a hanging noose. It works as a parallel to how the group eventually end up at Terminus, where things get ugly quick.
But blood was already drawn earlier, when Rick and Carl and Michonne were attacked by the group of marauders Darryl joined. Even though he vouches for them, he gets beaten by the hooligans and that's when Rick gets badass. Trapped in a bear-hug by the ringleader, Rick rips the guy's throat with his teeth, and also guts the guy who pinned down Carl. Michonne is quick to escape her attacker by bending his gun-drawn arm into his own neck and firing the pistol into his head.
When everyone meets at Terminus (not through their own will though) we only get glimpses into what this fenced-in community can be. We get hints, though: a large grill features lots of meat, but no livestock can be found; a pile of human bones huddles in one corner; the group stumbles on a weird memorial room featuring names and presumably those people's favourite objects, with a wall painted with the words "Never trust, never again."
Is Terminus a hub for cannibals trapping wayward strangers? Is it another Woodbury?
The episode ends with Rick and the group (minus Beth) stuck in a storage container, imprisoned there by the Terminus leader Gareth. Rick's final words set in motion the character transformation we've seen in the past few episodes: “They’re screwing with the wrong people.”
Remember when Rick shunned violence so he could plant veggies in the prison garden? Remember how he was weirded out seeing Carl wield a gun? That was season 3 Rick, Walking Dead fans. Now it's time for kick-ass-and-take-names Rick for season 5.
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