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article imageReview: New 'Dawn of Justice' trailer sheds a light on the plot

By Adam Mock     Dec 3, 2015 in Entertainment
In the newest trailer for 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' fans are given a heaping helping of plot, teasers and the first glance at a new big baddie.
Feelings about whether or not Man of Steel was a worthy addition to the mythos of Superman are still divided among audiences. The noble effort on director Zack Snyders' part, showing innovations to the character, both good and bad, told a more updated story of Kal El and his journey become Clark Kent/Superman. So, when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, elated fans thirsting to watch the two champs duke it out on the big screen came with some trepidation. With the release of the latest trailer, however, many of these concerns can be put to bed, as well as giving the naysayers something new to gripe about. Lucky for us, Jimmy Kimmel Live! premiered the latest trailer for said film. Let the battle begin.
Dubious of Superman’s intent after the events at the end of Man of Steel which nearly leveled Metropolis, Bruce Wayne/Batman decides to confront the alien. Playing a chess-like game, Kent attacks Batman in the press, while Bruce accuses the press of writing “puff piece editorials” glorifying Superman. Egged on by Lex Luthor, the fight escalates to a drag out skirmish made worse by the unveiling of Luthor’s master plan in the form of a big bad which you will have to watch the trailer to see. Let’s not get too far into spoiler territory. Although, a bit more of Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman doing more than posing would have been nice.
Not pulling any punches, the new Dawn of Justice trailer does not shy away from finally revealing plot and character interaction, while setting the feel of the film. Not as serious as once percieved, the preview throws in a touch of quippy, light-hearted banter which has usually been a "no-no" with the DC movies — although a tactic which has served Marvel well in its own epic run of films. Especially quirky is the portrayal of Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg, playing the character with an awkwardly frenetic charm which might work in the trailer but for two hours could wear thin. I have been wrong before.
Honestly, I feel it's too early to say if Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will live up to the the expectations thrust upon it. That is quite a burden to bare for any studio and puts most modern viewers immediately into nit-pick mode due to the iconic mantle of these properties. Although, a bit wonky in tone, this is a big recommend from me. Who doesn’t want to see a super-powered Donnybrook in Imax? Exactly. So, check out the trailer, place your bets and be your own critic. Enjoy.
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