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article imageReview: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ is most sought-after entertainment Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Mar 22, 2014 in Entertainment
In ‘Muppets Most Wanted,’ the group’s grand world tour is hijacked by a jewel thief that can double for Kermit the Frog and his scheming sidekick.
The Muppets have been selling a consistent style of entertainment for decades and fans would not have it any other way. A musical comedy starring long-time favourite characters alongside a group of Hollywood's who's who consistently delivers a fun experience. Muppets Most Wanted a.k.a. “The Muppets Again” is officially a sequel to the 2011 picture, but as noted in the opening number it's the seventh sequel since the Muppets' first big screen adventure. And they're not afraid to admit it. The first song and dance sequence is titled "We're Doing a Sequel," in which they note everyone knows the sequel is never as good as the original. Fortunately this isn't the case, regardless of which of their films you decide to compare it.
Hot off the heels of their successful reunion show, everyone is excited to bring the act back full time. So when tour manager Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais) suggests they go on a world tour, Kermit's reluctance is overruled by the rest of the gang's eagerness to go on the road. In the meantime, criminal no. 1, who happens to be our beloved frog's doppelganger, is planning his escape from a Siberian gulag. With the help of the world's second most wanted criminal, Constantine trades places with Kermit who is forced to take his place in prison while his friends are infiltrated by a murderous thief fixed to steal the crown jewels.
This picture is almost as good as The Muppets, except it had the added attraction of rebooting the franchise. The concept of two talking frogs is played to perfection. As with twins, there are minor visual cues that help distinguish between the two. But the most noticeable distinction is the amphibian in Constantine's throat as he explains away his poorly hidden accent with the ill effects of a cold. Kermit, on the other hand, simply transfers his stage managing skills to a more remote location, winning the hearts of his cast and jailer (Tina Fey) in the process.
The list of entertainers making cameos is this movie is long and impressive. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga team up to serve craft service. Céline Dion is featured as Miss Piggy’s fairy godmother (though in interviews the diva claims to have needed to re-record Dion’s high notes in post-production). Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo portray dancing prisoners, which in the spirit of a Muppets movie is pointed out with a humorous “Goodnight Danny Trejo.” And Ty Burrell partners with Sam Eagle to capture the globetrotting thieves. A large portion of the enjoyment of this film is naming the celebrities who often only briefly appear on screen in an anonymous role. “Who was that UPS guy?” “That newspaper girl looked familiar.” “Was that Stanley Tucci?” It seems anyone who is anyone at the moment seized a walk-on role in this picture.
In couture designed by Vivienne Westwood, Miss Piggy’s dreams are on the verge of coming true. But likely by no effort of her own. “I try to work as little as possible — while working,” said the tousled blonde of her long days of shooting during a press conference in Toronto. But as far as a real marriage to Kermit is concerned, Miss Piggy is optimistic. “It’s going to happen one day I’m sure. And then we’ll make a documentary about it, not a fictional movie.”
In the meantime, enjoy another fun-filled caper — Muppet-style! As well as a festive short from the guys at Monsters University.
Director: James Bobin
Starring: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey
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