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article imageReview: ‘Mr. Right’ is definitely a winner Special

By Sarah Gopaul     May 30, 2016 in Entertainment
‘Mr. Right’ is an eccentric, fast-paced romantic comedy that pairs the equally loveable Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell in an honest but insane relationship.
The dating scene is probably saddled with the greatest number of clichés. “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.” “Love like you’ve never been hurt.” “Love is blind.” But the one that probably motivates people most is the idea that there’s someone for everyone… that you’re “one” is out there. Mr. Right is an incredibly entertaining take on this concept that fatefully pairs an assassin with a would-be professor.
When Martha (Anna Kendrick) discovers her long-term boyfriend is cheating, her already hyperactive personality is shifted into overdrive. Her desire to be constantly on the move and doing crazy things is testing the limits of her friendships — until she meets Francis (Sam Rockwell). In spite of his awkward and somewhat creepy pick-up lines, the two seem to be hitting it off. Even wilder is the fact that he never lies to her about being a hitman and killing people during their dates… she just understandably thinks he’s joking. But Francis’ former employers are not happy about his turn of conscience and decision to start killing those who hire him. Now he’s on the run from an equally capable assassin (Tim Roth), and Martha is caught in the middle of her love for Francis and the danger that love imposes.
This is undoubtedly one of the kookiest romantic comedies that will still hook audiences with its adorably eccentric couple. Both Martha and Francis are somewhere in between neurotic and completely crazy, but their levels of madness appear to complement each other perfectly. They both say and do the weirdest things, yet the other person simply accepts it and moves forward with the conversation or serves up the ideal response. There’s a chemistry between them no one can deny and they can’t resist in spite of the many complications it presents. That said, there is absolutely nothing realistic about this narrative and that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. The improbability of any of these characters existing allows audiences to just sit back and have fun.
The on-screen connection between Kendrick and Rockwell is amazing and is certainly the reason this quirky comedy works so well. They’re completely in sync with one another and are able to make even the zaniest lines seem natural. Moreover, they both prove capable of keeping up with their characters’ manic personalities and maintaining the scripts fast-pace so at times it’s almost as if the film is being watched on fast-play (this is meant as a compliment). Roth also contributes to this madcap atmosphere as his character is somewhat roguish and often more than a little chatty. His intro scene is quite amusing as well. And finally, a surprise appearance by RZA as a hired gun with more brains than his employers is quite entertaining.
Definitely consider this for a fun and charming night at the movies — regardless of your relationship status.
Director: Paco Cabezas
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell and Tim Roth
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