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article imageReview: Young Ones trailer

By Mike Rossi     Jul 24, 2014 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Movie trailers do one of two things — succeed or fail.
Trailers offer no middle ground, No grey area. No margin for error.
They either entice potential viewership or condemn a film to death before it ever hits the silver screen.
With that in mind, it's only fair to call the trailer for Jake Paltrow's Young Ones an absolute success.
At a time when most movie trailers are criticized for divulging too much storyline in their two-minute overview, the brilliance of the Young Ones preview lies in its complete and utter lack of clarity.
Without cheating on IMDB, a first-time viewer can only disseminate that this film takes place at a future date in some water-starved country on Earth, where robots exist — well, at least one robot — and actor Michael Shannon plays a fatherly character of some thematic significance.
Though disjointed and vague, the 90-second teaser displays just enough plot to tickle the strings of curiosity.
By only whetting the appetite and not satisfying it, Paltrow increases the likelihood of a successful opening weekend as audiences line up to satiate a curiosity that will only grow in the coming months.
The sci-fi film, set to open in October of 2014, stars Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning and, as previously mentioned, Michael Shannon.
For those unwilling to wait until then, watch the trailer a good three or four times and pair with the unofficial storyline from IMDB. A clearer picture will soon emerge...
Think There Will Be Blood meets Waterworld meets Little House on the Prarie.
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