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article imageReview: Watch the 'Jessica Jones' trailer

By Adam Mock     Oct 24, 2015 in Entertainment
The new original show 'Jessica Jones' marks the second installment of grittier fare Marvel Studios has produced for Netflix.
What started with a slew of superhero films geared towards a family friendly audience has radically grown into an empire known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But not all comic book properties are as simple as the typical good versus evil story. Darker, more realistic tales have been woven throughout the history of Marvel Comics throughout the years. And in another brilliant marketing move, the studio has found a home for these more mature stories on the small screen. Beginning with the expertly crafted Daredevil series, which premiered to critical acclaim on Netflix in 2015, Jessica Jones will be next in line to the popular streaming service.
Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) tells the story of a young superhero who, after being forced to use her powers to commit horrible atrocities by a mind-controlling mad man named Kilgrave (David Tennant), retires her powers to becomes a private investigator. Traumatized by her past, Jessica begins to slowly piece her fragile life back together. That is until Kilgrave reemerges to wreak further pain on Jones.
Taking a page from their big screen counterparts Mavel's Netflix series tie into each other's storylines, crossing over characters and contunining their tales in further shows. Luke Cage, another super powered hero appearing in Jessica Jones, is slated to spin off into his own series as well as other lesser known character Iron Fist, eventually culminating in a team up program called The Defenders with the four aforementioned heroes bringing down the big bads.
Having seen how well Marvel handled the newest adaptation of Daredevil, there is little doubt that we will see something special with Jessica Jones.
Series Premiere Friday, November 20, 2015.
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