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article imageReview: Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy amaze at Our Way show at Beacon Theatre Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jul 8, 2016 in Entertainment
New York - Dancing with the Stars' Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy performed at the Beacon Theatre in New York on July 8, as part of their "Our Way" dancing production, for a great turnout.
They opened their show by performing a dancing routine to DNCE's "Cake By The Ocean." "Let's go New York City!" Maks exclaimed. "Thank you so much for coming out. It's a privilege to perform for you guys on a Friday afternoon," added Val.
The Chmerkovskiy brothers dedicated this production to their parents, who had "given up everything" for them to come from their native Ukraine to America. They played archived footage of them in their younger years, and their father gave insights on their family history through a video on the televised screen. Maks started dancing at four years old, and he came to the United States at 14 years old, while his younger brother, Val, was only eight years old. Prior to bringing their family overseas, their father had written down the following inspirational quote in broken English as follows: "We wil surviv," and it is safe to say that not only did they survive, they all did very well in America and found success.
At that point, Lukas Graham's "7 Years" played in the background, which the brothers danced along to in a stunning routine, and Maks subsequently shared that his most important values are "hard work, dedication and commitment." The brothers noted that their father would work overtime delivering pizza, while their mom would clean houses.
A charismatic performer, Maks went on to give a master-class on such dances as the Cha-cha-cha, a passionate Paso-doble, a seductive Ramba, a Samba, as well as a Jive, all of which were well-received.
They shared that they got their start dancing in a restaurant in Brooklyn, which was ironically named "Ukraine," for $25 a night, however, it would require 10,000 hours for them to become experts in dancing, and over time, they accumulated and surpassed those hours. It was followed by a waltz scene that they performed as a group, which was visually striking, as well as something one would see in Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video, which ought to be taken as a compliment.
As they continued with their personal journey, they revealed that Val was the first American to win the World Junior Championships in dancing, which was an impressive feature. In return, Val performed a patriotic dancing sequence as John Cougar Mellencamp's "R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A." played in the background.
The brothers extolled their mother and dubbed her as the "guardian angel" of their family, while Val expressed his gratitude for his older brother for making sacrifices for him, and for always having his back, whenever he needed it most.
While they were working extremely hard in their teenage days, Maks missed out on his prom, so Val threw him a "prom" at Beacon Theatre, where he selected a lucky female fan from the audience to be his "prom queen." Maks went on to joke that he has had 19 proms on this tour already, with 31 more to go, implying that they will be visiting more cities.
They admitted that growing up, although they might have not had much money, they had an abundance of love, and Maks defined love as "being together" and "being inseparable." He professed his love for his fiance Peta, and while she was not performing on stage, an image of them displayed on the video screen with a "King" card for Maks, and a "Queen" card for Peta, thus showcasing their love, as Etta James' classic hit "At Last" played in the background, which all dancers performed their next sequence to.
"At last, Maks and I are getting a divorce," Val joked, prior to noting that they will be sharing a bunk bed on the tour bus for the next two months.
They concurred that this show has been both "reflective and therapeutic" for them, and the brothers feel "blessed" to bring this production New York City's Beacon Theatre. For their grand finale performance, they all danced to Justin Timberlake's new song "Can't Stop the Feeling!" and they all garnered a standing ovation.
The Verdict
Overall, Maks and Val were able to put on a superb dancing production with their "Our Way" show in New York. They gave their fans a glimpse into their personal lives, ranging from their childhood to adulthood, thus allowing them to get to know them on a more intimate level. They proved to still be at the top of their game in the dance world, and their hard work ethic has paid off. Anybody who enjoyed them in Sway, will certainly love their newest show. Their team of dancers, which consisted of ten additional gifted dancers, were equally noteworthy. "Our Way" earns an A rating.
For more information on Maks and Val's "Our Way" tour, check out their official homepage.
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