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article imageReview: First look at the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot — Trailer

By Adam Mock     Mar 3, 2016 in Entertainment
The beloved comedy classic gets the reboot treatment from some pretty big names in the comedy game. But will this new imagining of ‘Ghostbusters’ have the same wit as the original?
Legions of the franchise fans finally have a trailer to go with the hype behind the new Ghostbusters reboot. A shaky idea in terms of tackling the coveted comedy, people have had their reservations and elation on the project since it was announced. With a strong comedic pedigree behind it, one would think it could work. And it can, but will the charm of the original be too much for this new generation of spirit slayers to overcome?
Starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the titular characters, the film seems to have a similar plot to the original. A group of scientists, each with a different expertise, begin to investigate strange paranormal occurrences throughout New York City. Deciding to take the fight to the ghosts, they create an arsenal of ghost capturing equipment to combat the onslaught of slime trailing poltergeists.
Poster of ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot
Poster of ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot
Sony Pictures
Directed by Paul Feig, who has had huge success with past comedic ventures, the film looks like it’s trying to keep the essence of the original while peppering in some newer twists. Gender roles are swapped this time around, which is an interesting concept and could bring a fresh spin to the old favorite, while the weapons have gotten an upgrade as well. Now armed with proton packs, as well as ghost busting handguns, the updated special effects help to make the premise more epic than it’s previous ilk. However, will the jokes be as subtle and quick-witted as the original?
Touting sight-gag after prat fall throughout the trailer, I do have my issues, as many others may as well. The cast is strong, and them being ladies has nothing to do with my shyness to be all in on the film. What worries me is the lack of little touches that past Ghostbusting alum, Bill Murray especially, brought to the story. More than just funny lines, the original had character in the way the team would interact with the odd situations they faced. They felt natural with their deliveries, almost improvisational in many parts. Something that seems to be missing in this iteration. Mind you, it could just be the trailer and how it was cut, hoping to keep the sharper comedy a surprise for the theater. It’s really too easy to tell.
I am going to give Ghostbusters a recommend. Like I said, the comedic force behind the film is top-notch, pointing the effort in the right direction. But as with any remake, reboot or whatever you want to call doing the same film over again from scratch, the brilliance of the original still hangs overhead. But be your own critic, check out the trailer for Ghostbusters and I’ll try to get the theme song out of my head. Enjoy!
Release Date: July 15, 2016
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