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article imageReview: DC finally decides to lighten up with 'Suicide Squad' — Trailer

By Adam Mock     Jan 20, 2016 in Entertainment
Known for being a wet blanket with their line up of superhero films, DC lets the villains have all the fun in the new trailer for 'Suicide Squad.'
If you are a comic book geek or simply dabble in the vast library of film adaptations which have taken over cinemas world wide as of late, you are in for a treat. Rather than spoon feed us another hero flick, DC has decided to let the bad guys take center stage. Let's face it, villains are great. They get the best lines, they have the most on screen fun and the hero thing has been done hundreds of times over. But rather than just giving us one big bad, they've brought the Suicide Squad.
Poster for  Suicide Squad
Poster for 'Suicide Squad'
Warner Bros. Pictures
Taking a page from such classics as The Dirty Dozen, Suicide Squad tells the story of a government agency who assembles a team of incarcerated super villains to go on ultra dangerous missions to earn clemency on their sentences. Imbued with special skills and super powers, each member brings a certain talent to the table. Sharpshooters, monsters, sorcerers, and psychos. All the ingredients for a fun time at the movies.
Starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Jared Leto, just to name a few, this film is no slouch in the star department. Factor in that it is helmed by David Ayer, a director not shy about getting gritty, this flick has an amazing pedigree for such an insane premise — which makes the film that much more enticing. Throwing convention out the door, DC is finally trying to let its hair down. Batman and Superman, although classic characters, are often made more interesting by their villainous counterparts. Taking away the brooding and "heavy is the head who wears the crown" cliches might be just what the DC properties needs to compete with the quick-witted dialogue and well-woven storylines which Marvel has created for their cinematic universe. Not known for gags, DC seems to be bringing some much needed light-heartedness to their world.
Huge action, explosive characters and a crazy premise that could go just about anywhere. These are the worst heroes ever and I'm all in. This is a big recommend, but be your own critic and check out the trailer for Suicide Squad. Because sometimes it's good to be bad. Enjoy.
Release Date: August 5, 2016
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