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article imageReview: Criss Angel amazes on Season 3 of 'Mindfreak' DVD Special

By Markos Papadatos     Apr 10, 2015 in Entertainment
Just when you thought that the second season of "Mindfreak" could not get any better, Criss Angel returned with Season 3, which involved more complex illusions.
In the first of three DVDs, it involved Angel disappearing in front of a raging bull, as well as escaping from an explosive car, the latter of which was extremely dangerous that resulted in him hurting his shoulder. He was also able to break Harry Houdini's jail escape record in half the time, and most impressive, he was able to let a speeding roller-coaster go through his body, while going 70 miles per hour, to a spectacular outcome.
In the second disc, he was able to levitate above the Luxor Hotel and Casino's light beam, which people from all over the world came to witness. Prior to showing some street magic, he allowed a giant steamroller to roll over most of his body, all while lying flat on broken glass. He was subsequently able to walk on huge vertical-standing screwdrivers, which yet again turned out to be a dangerous illusion, requiring medical attention afterwards. Angel defied the laws of physics by making a Lamborghini, that he was driving, vanish into thin air. He was also able to make an elephant reappear, the one that he had previously used in Season 2 of Mindfreak.
Finally, he soared in his underwater car escape, while paying tribute to his fans, which he affectionately dubs as "The Loyals," while expressing his sincere gratitude and appreciation towards them. He also displayed his prowess as a mentalist and was able to turn a young girl's Barbie doll into a real-life figure.
The Verdict
This season illustrated how dangerous some of these illusions are, especially the "Drowned" episode, where he nearly drowned after being locked up in an aquarium cage. It also proved that Angel is one perfectionist, who gives everything to his craft, the art of magic. Angel is a true master of illusion, in every sense of the word. This is one season of Mindfreak that should not be missed. It garners 5 out of 5 stars.
Fans can check out the third season of Mindfreak on Amazon, by clicking here.
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