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article imageReview: Action outshines science in exciting 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer

By Adam Mock     Dec 15, 2015 in Entertainment
With action pieces galore, Justin Lin brings his special brand of stylized chaos with the latest mission for the crew of the USS Enterprise.
Over the recent years, the series Star Trek has been boldly gone where it had yet to explore, big screen action. With the reboot/alternate timeline series of films Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness, the normally reserved crew have been given new life as butt-kicking adventurers getting out of scrapes at every turn. A refreshing change for some and a bitter pill for purists, the franchise has opened its doors to a new generation of fans. With next year's Star Trek Beyond, the creators have to decided to take it up yet another notch, but will it be too much spectacle and too little science?
Stranded on an uncharted planet, Kirk and the crew are forced to find a way to survive while being chased by an unknown alien race. At least, that is what the preview would have you believe in between the eye-popping visuals that drench the screen. Played like a full-throttle shoot ‘em up, one hopes there will be more substance in the finished product. Not to say the trailer isn’t one of the coolest reels I’ve seen in a while. Because it was.
Poster for ‘Star Trek Beyond
Poster for ‘Star Trek Beyond'
Paramount Pictures
The fact that it was co-written by Simon Pegg, a huge fan in his own right, gives a huge glimmer of hope to those worried that the story and quips may stray further from what old-school fans are used to. Enter director Justin Lin, best known for his work at building a mega-universe around The Fast and the Furious property, thus making a flailing series into an empire in its own right. Bringing into question whether the action will be too over the top for a higher brow property such as Trek? From the length of the trailer it is hard to tell just yet. As of right now, the film looks tremendously fun.
With Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban returning, co-star Idris Elba rounds out the cast with fun newcomer Sofia Boutella, who played the sword-legged hench-woman in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Being a huge geek for the franchise, I would have to give this trailer a huge recommend — even if Into Darkness wasn’t the series finest hour, the ride was still good time. Now boldly go where so many are already going and watch the trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Be your own critic, I’m just here to to help. Live long and prosper.
Release Date: July 16, 2016
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