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article imageOp-Ed: Who will be on Team Cena come Survivor Series?

By Zachary Stallings     Nov 3, 2014 in Entertainment
The main event for the WWE pay-per-view Survivor Series will be Team Cena vs Team Authority in a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match, but who will be on Team Cena?
The entire story behind the Team Cena vs Team Authority match is this: last week on Monday Night Raw Stephanie McMahon asked John Cena to join the Authority. Stephanie McMahon was trying to persuade Cena by saying that if he joined The Authority it would guarantee Cena a win over Brock Lesnar, bringing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena turned McMahon down, and as a way of showing Cena how much he needs them, HHH made the match for "Survivor Series." After HHH made the match he wished Cena luck in finding anybody that would stand against The Authority, basically saying that no one would join his team.
As of right now Team Authority will consist of Seth Rollins, Kane, and possibly Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Whether HHH will compete on the team has yet to be seen.
For John Cena he seems to be alone in his fight against The Authority, so who could join him?
Right now Cena's only ally looks to be the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, but whether that will remain that way is yet to be seen. Dolph Ziggler may decide to defect from team Cena, because now he has become enemy number one for the Authority, as he is constantly being attacked by Rollins, Kane, Mercury, and Noble.
Dean Ambrose is out of the picture to help Cena because he is headed towards a collision with Bray Wyatt.
Another way Cena could go is NXT. Cena could look to the NXT group for help and possibly recruit superstars like Samii Zayn, and the NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Putting some of the top talent from NXT on one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year could work really well for the WWE, especially because they need more talent on the main roster.
Another candidate for team Cena could be Ryback. It looks like the WWE is trying to give Ryback a bit of push, as they have given him the "Feed Me More" gimmick once again. If the WWE is looking to establish Ryback as a top talent putting him on Team Cena could be a good start in taking him in that direction.
The most likely person to joining team Cena would have to be Randy Orton. Randy Orton has been having some trouble lately with his Authority team, but none more so than Seth Rollins. On the Monday Night Raw before the "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view Seth Rollins "Curb Stomped" (Rollins finishing move) Randy Orton leaving him lying on the mat. Last week on Raw, Orton would return the favor, and "RKO" (Orton finishing move) Rollins leaving him the same way Rollins left him the week before. Orton would like nothing more to get his hands on Rollins, and the best way to do that would be to join Team Cena at "Survivor Series."
Team Cena vs Team Authority could end up being a good match, and in order for "Survivor Series" to be successful Team Cena needs a few surprises.
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