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article imageOp-Ed: Robin Williams was imperfect like the rest of us

By Abdul Kuddus     Aug 12, 2014 in Entertainment
California - Robin Williams’ sudden demise has left his fans sad, desolate and incomplete. While he left a prodigious body of work that made people laugh, his apparent suicide leaves behind a disturbing legacy.
It appears Robin struggled with depression and addiction over the years. Reportedly the actor battled protracted depression and had even recently entered rehab for drug abuse.
While he made us laugh the hardest, his choking himself to death reveals that he was enjoying life the least.
Possibly, beneath the facade of those belly-aching jokes Robin was hiding underneath something sad, poignant and unfathomable to all of us. As he constructed his own exit, the cracks in the exterior finally revealed.
Richard Corliss in his Time Op-Ed piece , Robin Williams: The Comic Who Was Hamlet, wrote , “The effort of juggling all those personalities — and pursuing parallel careers as a comic dervish and a serious, Oscar-winning actor — apparently left Williams exhausted as well.”
No one will ever know what exactly made Robin take the step to end his pain the way he did. Undoubtedly, he wasn’t seeing himself the way his fans saw him.
For all I could fathom, despite Robin being an Oscar winner and a famous celebrity, he was imperfect like the rest of us. While he managed to connect with the world through his humor, he failed to resolve the imperfect part of himself and treat himself a little kindly.
In my opinion, people who have the courage to be imperfect have the consideration to be kinder with their selves first. How do we practice compassion with others when we cannot treat ourselves kindly?
While the world acknowledges the moment of sadness at Robin’s death, could we recognize and educate one another about signs of disconnect and emptiness? Could we transform this grief into an awakening and do our bit to care for people around us?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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