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article imageOp-Ed: John Oliver reveals Stephen Hawking's comedy skills

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 17, 2014 in Entertainment
The Hawking-Oliver interview was heavy on jokes with a light amount of theoretical science thrown in. This is some serious comedy for anyone who is a fan of dry humor.
Most of us failed to realize that Stephen Hawking has a pretty good sense of humor. However we know that now. Oliver played the goofy comedian who asked stupid questions. Hawking played the straight man with witty one-liners at every turn, with his slight smile adding the extra punctuation to each one. Together they made a basis for a quantum science comedy tour.
The first segment was a roundabout dig at science fiction writers who believe they understand Hawking's science. He mentioned that the only one they don't take is imaginary time because they don't understand it. For those who follow the world of science fiction literature this was probably meant in good humor since Hawking has had his own show on the Sci Fi network.
There was a hilarious segment on killer AI in the video as well. Hawking had already done a full piece on this before the interview that was overlooked in pop culture as being too dry.
The comedy duo fixed that by putting together a scenario where Oliver is killed by robots and Hawking is currently the puppet of his voice program. The scenario given was of super-evolved robots who made themselves into the gods of the world. Perhaps a bit extreme but fairly amusing.
The final big segment centered on parallel universes. "Does that mean that there is a universe out there where I am smarter than you?" asked Oliver, "Yes, and also a universe where you're funny." countered Hawking, giving Oliver a burn so sick he probably needed first aid afterwards. This is actually an "it's funny because it's true" scenario as that is exactly what Hawking's previous work had said in many publications including A Brief History of Time.
They closed with a random segment on alien life, wormholes and the impossibility of Oliver going on a date with an attractive woman. While in reality it would be possible according to Hawking's theory it was funnier to say otherwise. This is far from the first time that Hawking has dominated pop culture but this may be one of his most amusing appearances yet.
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