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article imageOp-Ed: Femme Fatale actress sued for refusing to do topless scene

By Paul Wallis     Oct 21, 2014 in Entertainment
Time Warner HBO’s “Femme Fatale” TV series is a tacky take on a magazine of the same name. This loser show just got tackier. Producers are complaining about Anne Greene’s refusal to comply with the “must show nipples” clause in her contract.
Femme Fatale is a show based largely on lots of cleavage. If you’re looking for your missing basketballs or your missing puberty, you start here. This is veg TV, for the corpses.
The case itself is proof of the caliber of this show. No boobs, no show. Apparently the fact that decades’ worth of other shows managed to get higher ratings without so much as a second of nudity hasn’t penetrated. God knows it’s not like anyone expects to see decent writing on TV any more, but even by the bottomless standards of TV production, this is right down there in the depths.
The parties’ claims: Anne Greene is accused by the “producers” of FF of causing delays on set, additional production costs and breach of contract. She says she was sexually harassed, bullied, and working in an unsafe environment.
Apparently HBO has a “no pasties” rule for nipples, which must not be covered. Consider the mentality and level of maturity which would have the time and money to think of a rule like that.
Trial by media wouldn’t be appropriate for this case. There are major issues here that need more than mere trolling and trashy commentary.
Greene has another point which hasn’t been made yet — how are actors supposed to interpret a clause in a contract which stipulates things like “partial nudity,” “chest and bottom,” etc.? There’s also a suggestion of coercion in her claim, another very negative aspect of a medium which seems to think lawyers, not content, solve everything.
It’d be appropriate if Actors Equity took a look at this case. These conditions could set a legal precedent which would drastically reduce actors’ rights in contracts. Contracts which can be selectively dictated aren’t good news for anyone.
Femme Fatales will come and go. It’ll be remembered by guys in their early teens, but nobody else. The legal issues, however, may be around for a long time. This case needs to be resolved.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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