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article image'Nightcrawler' creeps; Marvel announces release dates until 2019

By Tim O'Brien     Oct 30, 2014 in Entertainment
A funny thing happened on the way to Halloween this year. For the most part, Hollywood is ignoring it, much like one other holiday this past year.
That would be July 4. That is correct, two holidays that, in the past, garnered much more attention. But, this year both of them fall on a Friday, so Hollywood opted to punt. It makes sense since July 4 is one holiday where people want to be outside with their parties, plus fireworks. Instead of trying to compete, just hope what is already out captures enough of the audience to make do.
Take half off of that win last weekend and with the newcomers and the winner may hit $10 million. One word for that - ouch.
However, with Halloween this time around, "Saw" is being re-released and "Ouija"
is out. That means made a measly $20 million for a win last weekend, That was solid for that film since it only cost $5 million, but not for horror-based opener. They tend to do well in their openers then take a dive. The Wrap even noted that Hollywood enjoys horror success in other months and therefore, ignore it this time around. Having it fall on a Friday is another reason, as noted.
1. "Nightcrawler" - 2,766 theaters
2. "Before I Go to Sleep" - 1,700 theaters
3. "Saw 10th Anniversary" - 1,850 theaters
4. "Horns" - limited release
All films releases this weekend are R-rated and that, once again, leaves out the family crowd, too.
Even trying to program the holiday with a film of the past is tricky. For adults, Halloween means dressing up and heading to the bars, where most have costume contests and want a loud party night.
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" also enjoys popularity when it pops up this time of year, but it can play well all year around. But, this weekend is tricky. Plus, that film plays better the week before, most likely, since Halloween needs to be in bars and nightclubs, or at house parties. The evening is busy for families as well, and a movie is often not in the plans.
With "Rocky Horror," one cannot just play it and hope for the best as it is interactive and crazy. Props are important, so plan accordingly and not is haste.
So, if "Ouija" wins again, it ill truly be a weak weekend win. Once Saturday hits, the mind may switch off to horror and that genre. But, with "Book of Life" it is about Day of the Dead, and that plays out better for the weekend, but it has been out for a few weeks.
As All Hallows even turns in All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and All Souls Day (Nov. 2), one would think "Book of Life" is the better choice. The studio obviously knew what it had and released it Oct. 17, trying to get the crowd before the actual day.
The widest new release is "Nightcrawler" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. A tale of journalism, murder and the mess that goes along with it, "Nightcrawler" has a catchy, Halloween-style title.
Nicole Kidman an Colin Firth star in "Before I Go to Sleep" and is based on the book by S.J. Watson and is billed as a mystery suspense thriller. Well, that sound slightly like a Halloween movie, but not likely will play that way.
Again, "Saw" and its 10th anniversary release get a nice release this weekend as well. But wait, "Horns" may play into the theme of the weekend. Wait again, it is limited so forget about it as a wide release. It stars Daniel Radcliffe who grows horns and can do other odd stuff when people are around him.
One last note is that "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" is making waves already. Projections at this time are in the $150 million range for the opener. Yes, that is simply huge. Oh, and Marvel has released their movie dates. See here.
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"Doctor Strange" - Nov. 4, 2016
"Guardians of the Galaxy 2" - May 5, 2017
"Thor: Ragnarok" - July 28, 2017
"Black Panther" - Nov. 3, 2017
"Avengers: Infinity War Part 1" - May 4, 2018
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