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article imageMarvel shakes up Captain America, Iron Man

By Michael Thomas     Jul 17, 2014 in Entertainment
This has been a big week for shakeups in the Marvel Universe. First there was the female Thor, and now there will be new versions of Captain America and Iron Man too.
By the end of the year, Marvel's "big three" — Thor, Iron Man and Captain America — will no longer be the same.
Early this week, Marvel announced that the current Thor will no longer be worthy of wielding his enchanted hammer Mjolnir, and it will instead be passed onto a new female character. This won't be "Lady Thor" or any variation. This woman will be the new Thor, period.
On Wednesday, Marvel shook up the big three further, with the announcement that Steve Rogers, who has held the name Captain America for decades, will pass the mantle on.
The Verge explains that Rogers will come up against a villain named the Iron Nail, who drains Rogers' Super Soldier serum. As a result, Rogers loses his super strength and youth and rapidly becomes an old man.
The new Captain America to pick up the slack will be none other than Sam Wilson, an African-American hero better known to comic fans as The Falcon. Wilson first debuted in 1969, and was recently seen in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wilson will apparently be the seventh character to take on the title of Captain America, so it remains to be seen how long he will last.
Today, Iron Man received a bit of a makeover too, though the name will still belong to the genius egomaniac Tony Stark.
Mashable reported Thursday that Tony Stark will be relocating to San Francisco, where a mobile app he creates could possibly threaten the entire city.
Stark will apparently release Extremis, a powerful-but-volatile substance, as a mobile app that could make people beautiful and live forever. Giving this immense power to a large city will make other heroes question Stark's sanity and he will face off with Daredevil, presumably among others. Stark will also create a new Iron Man suit.
The revamping of these Marvel staples is part of a push for overall greater diversity in its massive stable of heroes.
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