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article imageLeaked e-mail shows Sony considering 'Jump Street X Men In Black'

By Can Tran     Dec 11, 2014 in Entertainment
Sony's been entertaining the idea of a crossover between "Jump Street" and "Men In Black" behind our backs. The cat's out of the bag, thanks to the hackers that leaked the internal email.
Shocking news has been revealed of a planned movie crossover between 21 Jump Street, the movie remake of the original 1980s TV series, and Men In Black. The news came to light over a leaked email communication within Sony. In layman speak, Sony Pictures wants to be “bold” and pull off a crossover between the two popular film franchises.
Sony did not intentionally unveil the email, hackers ended up discovering the email and released it to the world upon discovering this major piece of news. If Sony Pictures decides to go ahead with this crossover title, the scheduled screening date will be either 2016 or 2017. The crossover film would have to be careful in terms of what part of the year it will open.
It is safe to assume that the proposed crossover would lose to Marvel Studios, which is working on new phases of future films.
Apparently, the idea would be given the go ahead on production, without the need of an actual script.
The concept of the crossover and the popularity of the two film franchises.
Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and the Jump Street stars (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) are pumped up about the idea. The internal email conversation believes that the popularity of the Jump Street film franchise could breathe life into the Men In Black franchise.
The people behind the Jump Street film franchise are tapped to work on the crossover. Everybody behind and support of the concept, on the film production side of course, wants to approach Steven Spielberg, Men In Black's executive producer, for his involvement on the crossover.
To sum up everything, the people in Sony Pictures are confident about it. If you are a fan of the first two Men In Black films, you will be disappointed because Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the stars of that franchise, probably will not be involved. The crossover, if it does get produced, will star Tatum and Hill.
The Jump Street film franchise is adapted from the original series, which starred Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise, Holly Robinson, Dustin Nguyen, Richard Grieco, and Steven Williams. It was co-created by the late-Stephen J. Cannell. Robinson performed the original opening theme to the series.
It ran from 1987 to 1981.
Grieco starred in the short-lived spinoff, Booker, which ran for one season.
The first film adaptation of 21 Jump Street, starring Tatum and Hill, came out in 2012. Ice Cube starred as their commanding officer. 22 Jump Street, its sequel, came out to theaters earlier this year.
The Men in Black film series, starring Smith and Jones, is adapted from the original comic book series of the same name. A short-lived cartoon series was adapted from the first film. Men in Black 2 came out in 2002. Men in Black 3, the final film, came out in 2012, with Josh Brolin playing the younger version of Agent K, who is portrayed by Jones.
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