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article imageLady Gaga loses fight in 'GaGa' energy drink patent case

By Anne Sewell     Aug 14, 2014 in Entertainment
Mauthausen - That famous pop diva Lady Gaga is rather upset as an Austrian entrepreneur, who named his energy drink "GaGa," has just won a battle in the patent office allowing him to use the name. Apparently she went a little gaga over the whole thing.
Lady Gaga did her best to prevent 62-year-old Adam Galirow, from using the name "GaGa" for his energy drink.
Galirow, who hails from Mauthausen in Upper Austria, received a letter from Lady Gaga's lawyer, demanding that he change the name of the energy drink. She might be famous for her unusual outfits and humorous costumes, but apparently has no sense of humor when it comes to her adopted name.
Unfortunately for Lady Gaga, Galirow had patented both the energy drink and its name back in 2011. The reason why he called it GaGa was that he developed the drink together with his wife, and the name is an abbreviation of both their surnames, i.e. Galirow-Galirow.
Even though Lady Gaga was already famous back in 2011, she didn't actually patent her name under the soft drinks, beer and mineral waters category, which of course, Galirow did.
Because of this the patent office has found in favor of Galirow and has rejected Lady Gaga's claim that Galirow must change the name. According to officials in the patent office, it was unlikely that anyone would confuse the drink with the singer, despite her weird outfits.
Now Galirow is exploring the likelihood of claiming back his legal fees and losses incurred in fighting the case and having to put his business expansion plans on hold, so Lady Gaga might find herself a little out of pocket.
Interestingly enough Galirow apparently worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 1990s.
As for the energy drink itself, apparently GaGa is sweetened with stevia and contains probiotics and caffeine for that wake-up effect.
Austrian sources:
The Local
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