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article image'Jurassic World' has best global opening ever

By Tim O'Brien     Jun 14, 2015 in Entertainment
UPDATE 6.15.15: The weekend actuals are out and "Jurassic World" now holds the title for the best opening ever, domestically. It also takes home the foreign and global titles as well.
The updated figures released today (June 15) shows that the number went from $204.6 million to $208.8 million and sits alone at the top. The foreign total was $315.3 million, so now, the global figure is up to $524 million - all records.
EARLIER: Make no mistake about it, "Jurassic World" crushed the box office in a big way and set records along the way. It roared past estimates in a big way, too.
"Jurassic World" opened to a eye-popping $204.6 million and over-achieved by as much as $75 million. Hows does that happen? Either the projection process for certain films is out of whack or people were starving for excitement. They got it from this film and more, apparently.
The film scored the second best opening ever, behind "Marvel's The Avengers," which took in $207.4 million in 2012, domestically. Of course, with a number this big, they will be adjusted and updated later. Universal has "Jurassic World," while Disney has Marvel.
Overseas, it crushed, too, with $307.2 million and the total, worldwide, is at $511.8 million. That is the best ever, globally, for any film in its opening worldwide frame.
"Jurassic World" also set the June opening record and ran away from "Man of Steel" and its numbers. "Man of Steel" opened to $116 million in 2013. Something odd is happening for sure at the box office. Steven Spielberg and company have done it again with a familiar theme - dinosaurs wreaking havoc. Chris Pratt and cast delivered on all levels. Pratt went into "Guardians of the Galaxy" and charmed that film to surprising heights, too. With "Guardians of the Galaxy," he has a great supporting cast as well, and it over-achieved last year. And those who went, loved it.
Weekend, domestically
1. "Jurassic World" - $204.6 million
2. "Spy" - $16 million
3. "San Andreas" - $11 million
But, let's note that dinosaurs are the star here, for the most part. It is what happens to them and how they battle and chomp, that matters the most perhaps. Cheer on Indominus Rex and the rest as they took those special effects and led the way to a super weekend.
Now, many complain that less people are seeing movies and then this happens at the box office. As long as there is this type of money being made, these style of films will go on. If there are less people seeing films, then this is needed for the studios. Bring on more and then stay tuned as even more superheroes arrive.
One last look for this report is the huge gap between the top film and the second place finisher. Do the math on that one and that tells a big tale about the reality of the box office as well. A gap that wide needs to be lessened, but the overall box office may still set an all-time record when the year is out. It will do that because of these eye-popping big films. The lesser films get left in the dust.
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