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article imageInterview: Jo Weil talks acting, music, cooking and New York Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 20, 2014 in Entertainment
Multi-talented German actor Jo Weil took some time from his schedule to talk about his acting career, as well as his love for music and cooking.
He has played the role of Oliver Sabel in the German soap Verbotene Liebe for approximately 15 years, a remarkable feature in the television industry. "With interruptions, I've played the role of 'Olli' for almost 15 years. That is an incredibly long time. In my profession, it's not a given that you can hone a character for this long; to repeatedly get the chance to discover new facets of the character. In this respect, I owe my experiences with and through Olli a lot job-wise. I'm very thankful for that," he said.
Weil knew that acting was his calling for as long as he could remember. "There was never another option for me. Okay, there was one day when I added circus director to my list. I was seven, but only because I wanted to have a monkey," he said with a laugh.
He is quite passionate about his job and it makes him happy on a daily basis. "Of course, there are down-sides such as the uncertainty, for example; you never know how it will continue professionally. Also, the loneliness, which inevitably becomes part of life, when you frequently work in different places, but I can cope with it really well and I wouldn't want it any other way," he said.
For aspiring actors, he noted that it is essential to believe in themselves. "Never stop fighting for your dream! Especially the beginning of a profession like this is difficult, since others constantly judge you. That can be difficult. You also have to learn not to take refusals and rejections personally. I firmly believe that everyone, who knows their precise goal and is willing to work persistently, will realize their dreams," he said.
German actor Jo Weil
German actor Jo Weil
Nadine Dilly
There have been several moments in his career that he can look back upon with pride. "One of those moments was when I had been promised my role. Also, every applause of the audience, when I'm live on stage in the evenings. Another very proud moment was when I won the Soap Awards. I owe it entirely to my loyal and true fans that I was able to receive this kind of prize three times. This means the world to me," he said.
Regarding his future plans, he said, "My job makes planning difficult. That’s why I stopped looking into the future a long time ago. I live in the here and now, and trust that everything will turn out well; however, I definitely want to work on my singing career. Additionally, it would certainly be a real dream to be able to shoot in the U.S.A. I’ve already had some talks there, castings, too. To be on stage on Broadway, that would have a nice ring to it as well, and should I ever be asked to play in The Bold and the Beautiful, I certainly wouldn't say 'no'."
The humble German actor revealed that he has plans for returning to the "Big Apple." "I've visited this incredible city at least once a year since 2010. It is definitely one of the coolest places I know, so I'll most certainly be back soon. Should I not be able to make it this year due to my theater tour, I'll return to the 'Big Apple' no later than next spring," he said.
On his passion for singing and his recent 'Explosiv' performance, he said, "I love to sing, especially German Schlager. That has always been the case, but before I start professionally, I wanted to make sure to be able to work with the best people in the business. And then, it happened in the beginning of this year. I got the chance to work with a team of bigwigs from the German music scene. That's how 'Explosiv' came about and I'm very proud of that. I definitely want to continue in that direction," he said.
Weil is driven each day, simply by his ability to turn his hobby into his profession. "I do exactly what I love on a daily basis. That definitely is enough motivation," he said.
When asked about his alternate career choice, Weil said, "To be honest, there is no alternative for me. I believe that may also be the secret of my success. My job can be very hard. If I had five other things to choose from which I enjoy just as much, I'd probably have chosen the easier alternative at some point, but I also enjoy writing! I'm also interested in directing and production."
In an effort to stay in such top-notch physical shape, the German star admitted that it takes quite a bit of willpower. "I watch my diet a bit, not frantically, but no carbohydrates in the evenings should be a must. Other than that, I train with my personal trainer on a regular basis. I don't always enjoy it, but I consider it's simply a part of what my job demands," he said.
Aside from music and acting, Weil is also into cooking, a hobby that came natural to him. "Cooking is passion and for me a way to completely relax. Even as a child, I loved watching my grandma and my mother (both highly gifted cooks) in the kitchen. I guess that's when it sparked. I enjoy inviting many people and cooking complicated menus for them. Being a host is simply wonderful. In this respect, a small restaurant might also be another professional alternative," he said with a laugh.
When asked if he has a personal favorite recipe, he claimed that he does not have one. "To be honest, I like to try new things and experiment a lot. Additionally, my taste changes non-stop, but that enables me to always be open for new culinary experiences, and that is something I like very much," he said.
For his fans, he said, "I am very thankful for their longstanding encouragement and loyalty. And that it's a great feeling to know that there are so many people who support me and enjoy my work. This gives me great strength, but I think they already know that!"
He added, "Personal contact to my fans is very important to me. I think I'm deliberately a bit more approachable in this case than many of my colleagues. I know what I owe to my fans and want to give something in return. A very important part is my Facebook fan-page. I post there almost daily and allow my friends to take part in my life, but I also try to enable personal meetings as often as possible. Like, for example, my awesome fan meeting 2013 in New York. Fans from all over the world participated. It was a wonderful experience."
For Weil, a major part of being successful is the ability to stay humble. "Of course, I want to be successful. Which I am. But it's much more important to be happy, to know you have good friends and family and that everyone is doing well. Success all by itself is sad. That's why it's very important to me to never lose sight of my roots and to always remain grounded. That's how my parents taught me and that's how I like it," he said.
Weil concluded our interview by noting that he would love to someday play in The Walking Dead, Bates Motel and Revenge. "Then, I would be really happy if Neil Patrick Harris and Lady Gaga would invite me for a drink," he said with a sweet laugh.
To learn more about German actor Jo Weil, check out his official website.
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