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article imageInternet deems Kanye West a 'loser'

By Alex Allen     Mar 10, 2015 in Entertainment
The Internet has deemed Kanye West a "loser," as someone has purchased the domain name "" and redirected it to Kanye West's Wikipedia page.
Rapper Kanye West is worth millions and is largely successful, with a massive fan base. Still, he is arguably one of the more hated celebrities in the entertainment industry. In fact, someone disliked the rapper enough to purchase the domain, only to redirect it to his Wikipedia page.
Reports indicate that the domain was originally purchased by a man named Steven Armato in the year 1997. Eighteen years later, the domain has gone through several owners and several changes. While the original site was just a listing of other "cool sites" and stock picks, it has now become a site for ridiculing famous people. Many of the site's owners have even used URL redirection, which sends the user to another website when they type in the URL.
Al Gore is among those who have been ridiculed by the site. After his loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election, Gore's campaign website popped up upon typing in the domain Barack Obama's campaign website also popped up on the domain during his first run for president. Even the popular website Reddit has been mocked by
So, Kanye West is certainly not the first to be ridiculed by the expert Internet trolls who own; he is simply the latest. Of course, he should be used to it at this point, as he has been the subject of a lot of pop culture ridicule in the past. An Internet meme mocking Kanye went viral after his controversial statement at the 2009 Video Music Awards, when he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech to suggest that Beyonce should have won the award instead. He has also been mocked on the popular show South Park, who centered an entire episode around the rapper not understanding a joke and subsequently turning into a "gay fish."
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