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article imageHistory Channel's 'Inside The Mind of Leonardo' opens on Friday

By Can Tran     Dec 18, 2014 in Entertainment
Check out a clip from "The Mind of Leonardo," courtesy of IGN, which receives a limited theatrical screening starting this Friday. This documentary film is hosted by Peter Capaldi.
The History Channel's documentary film Inside The Mind of Leonardo, which premiered last year at DOCNYC, will open across theaters this Friday in a limited capacity. If you want to watch the film, you may have to search for a independent movie theater instead of a mainstream movie theater. This film is one-part historical documentary and one-part one-man drama as it uses Leonardo Da Vinci's notes and journal entries as the primary source material.
In history, Da Vinci was the “Renaissance Man,” whose ideas were years behind everybody else. You can say that Da Vinci's thinking and thought process was far ahead of most people. His intelligence could be matched by people like Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and other brilliant minds across history.
IGN, a known video game media outlet, streamed a preview clip of the upcoming film, which stars Peter Capaldi as the host. Capaldi serves as the host and the person who acts out Da Vinci through his notes and journals.
As Da Vinci, Capaldi acts out the thought process of Da Vinci by reciting the content.
The film is a collaboration between the History Channel and Submarine Deluxe. If you have played Assassin's Creed II, you can come up with many inside jokes when watching Inside The Mind of Leonardo.
To everybody that have not played the game, Da Vinci is a crucial ally to protagonist Ezio Auditore de Firenze. Da Vinci crafts all of the nifty weapons and gadgets that Ezio employed when he performs many assassination missions. Some of Da Vinci's historical blueprints, like the glider, were applied to the story of Assassin's Creed II.
Capaldi gives a very human portrayal of Da Vinci in the film. If you have not watched the original trailer, here it is below.
Outside the film, Capaldi is known as playing the latest incarnation of The Doctor in Doctor Who. He is the 12th Doctor, but he is technically the 13th Doctor because the War Doctor, portrayed by John Hurt, was called the 9th Doctor.
Capaldi's credits include World War Z (as a W.H.O. Doctor), The Fifth Estate, Paddington, The Hour, The Thick of It, The Field of Blood, The Nativity, Getting On, Torchwood, and more.
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