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article image'Get Hard' takes on 'Home' and it should be close

By Tim O'Brien     Mar 26, 2015 in Entertainment
When an animated movie gets released, it is usually an easy pick to win that particular weekend. But, not this time with "Home." It may win, but it will not be an easy one.
"Get Hard" opens and that may take the title. The two things that the box office has going for it with those new releases is it will be a battle. Both films are not exactly buzzing out of control as must see films.
"Home" has names as voices but does that really matter in the end? Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez lends their voices to the latest animation film. But this one is from Dreamworks. Adding to the idea that it may take out "Get Hard" is the help with 3D. This film has it.
"Get Hard" is the first film starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. They are solid box office stars but will that translate when they form a duo? Although it surely looks like they are having fun promoting this film, the idea that they are everywhere these days, may be the more true indication. They may know it is weak and they are out in full force to promote this to get the people out. At least for the first weekend.
1. "Home" - 3,708 theaters
2. "Get Hard" - 3,175 theaters
3. "It Follows" - 1,200 theaters
4. "Serena" - 58 theaters
But, it is "Home" that gets on more theaters. The estimates are a little iffy now but if the promotional tour work for "Get Hard," that could go to over $30 million. If the weekend slows then the winner could be right around $30 million, so two films battling it out at around $30 million may be the story.
A horror film, "It Follows," will try to reignite that genre. Of late, they have fallen from what used to be solid opening weekends. It will not be the amount of theaters that matters for it but the per screen count. The teen crowd is what this film seeks and that may be a problem since "Insurgent" and "Cinderella" are still out. But, they may have seen them, so they may opt for this.
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence reunite in "Serena." They are newly weds but yet it takes some time before Lawrence's character figures out that the man she marries has a hidden past.
There is not a weekend that is jumping off the charts as the box office as it wraps up March. It is awaiting the release of "Fast and Furious 7," a film that does not need to be good to make a ton of cash. It is already being projected at a April opening record. Paul Walker will be in the hearts and minds of many but remember, he is in this for a third of the film and then CGI takes over. That alone may be creepy for some.
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