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article image'The Princess Bride' becomes an iPhone game

By Mandy Robinson     Jan 11, 2015 in Entertainment
Fans of the hit movie "The Princess Bride" are excited to know that it is now an iPhone game. It will cost you $3.99 to play it though.
This new game already has over 150 reviews since it came out on January 7 and most of them are positive. People who loved this movie are so into it that they have made sure to share it with the children.
The 1987 film starred Cary Elwes and Robin Wright, and focused on a fairy tale story involving giants, sword fights, weird monsters and princesses.
The game also has a few in application purchases that you can spend more money on if you want to unlock more games or have more miracle pills.
A review says that the music at the start does sound similar to that from The Princess Bride movie but is obviously a bit different. This is the only sound that isn't an actual sound from the movie. This is one thing fans will love about this game.
For your price tag of $3.99, you get four mini games, but only one of them is unlocked when you start to play. Your choices are to earn stars to unlock the others or pay the price of 99 cents. Part of the fun is playing to unlock them though.
The first game that you get for free is all about the part of the movie with the shrieking eels. Buttercup has to hit them on the head before they eat her. Of course the outcome doesn't always go as planned.
As of right now, this is pretty much all that is on the game. They make it sound like The Princess Bride game will add more mini games in the future, but it is not shared when it will happen. It will be up to you if this game is worth the $3.99 price tag on it. If you are a huge fan of the movie, don't miss out on the one new thing that comes out for it. This could be a lot of fun for you to play.
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