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article imageFamily Guy to meet Simpsons this fall

By Sylvannia Soulet     May 14, 2014 in Entertainment
The much-anticipated crossover between Peter Griffin's family and Homer Simpsons' tribe is expected to take place in September of 2014.
“Uh oh. I smell another cheap cartoon crossover.”
It’s finally happening — the cast of Family Guy will join forces with the cast of The Simpsons in an hour-long crossover special titled “The Simpsons Guy,” airing this fall.
This isn’t the first time the two shows have crossed paths, and it especially isn’t The Simpsons' first foray into crossing over with other franchises (after all, who could forget The Critic's Jay Sherman's involvement in the polarizing crossover episode "A Star is Burns," or the non-canonical but still thoroughly amusing X-Files crossover in "The Springfield Files"?) But this is the first time the two animated nuclear families have shared the same universe for something other than a throwaway gag.
The first screenshots of the upcoming episode have been revealed in a recent upfront FOX presentation, and while the initial response from the Internet has been less-than positive, animation fans can’t help but feed into the fervour that basically encompasses a fanfiction writer’s wet dream.
Details on the episode remain scarce, but it has been revealed that the Griffins will be making the trek to Springfield to pair off appropriately with their saffron-colored counterparts. As the Simpsons have home-turf advantage, one could only speculate that the humour and style of the episode will lean closer to Matt Groening’s sensibilities (though it has been heavily implied an epic showdown will take place in homage to Peter Griffin’s non-sequitur battles with the giant chicken.)
I, for one, embrace the union, and feel that the episode is the natural progression in the legacy that befits these two shows. The Simpsons are the seasoned veterans here, with a quarter of a century’s worth of material under their belt and little indication of slowing down. After countless Halloween and Christmas specials, a belated theatrical feature, and as many Emmys as there are days in the month of February, a little shameless pandering to the audience can do little to tarnish what the show has already accomplished.
Likewise, Family Guy is a virtually invincible force, rising from the ashes of cancellation thanks to phenomenal DVD sales in 2003; the series is now chugging along through its twelfth season on FOX. With the raunchy comedy Ted under his belt and A Million Ways to Die in the West to hit theatres on May 30, series creator Seth MacFarlane can do no wrong, and will continue to push the envelope in terms of his talents as well as his scope, critics be damned.
The most fans of either show can hope for is that with the return of cooler temperatures comes even cooler writing and an episode free of contrivances and Conway Twitty-esque filler. And hey — even if the experiment turns out to be a D’OHH! moment, if nothing else, at least we can admit the concept was pretty freakin’ sweet.
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