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article imageFamily Guy-Simpsons crossover episode trailer revealed

By Kris Coombes     Jul 28, 2014 in Entertainment
A trailer of the previously announced Family Guy-Simpsons crossover episode was released at the Comic-Con event in San Diego at the weekend.
The planned episode, first announced back in May, will air in the USA on 28th September this year, on the same day that a major Simpsons character is set to be killed off, with clues hinting strongly that it will be Krusty the Clown.
The clip was shown to lucky attendees at the Family Guy panel on the Saturday, and gives us a lot of details about what we can expect from the episode, which will be an hour in length and also features an appearance from Bob from Fox comedy Bob's Burgers.
The Griffins arrive in Springfield only to be greeted in the Kwik-E-Mart by Homer, who bonds with Peter over a box of donuts. While eating dinner over at the Simpson's house, Peter tries to team up with Homer in telling one of the classic "cutaway" gags we've grown to adore, but he doesn't seem to understand. Peter eventually tells the joke himself, leading to a cutaway which also pokes fun at the lack of success for the recently axed spin-off Cleveland Show. The two eventually come to blows when Homer tries a Pawtucket Patriot Ale, only to find that it is in fact re-branded Duff, despite Peter's claims that it is just inspired by Duff, perhaps poking fun at any notion that Family Guy is a ripoff of the Simpsons. A fight ensues, the style of which resembles the popular chicken fights from previous series of Family Guy.
Bart and Stewie are involved in a lot of scenes together, with the theme that Stewie is enthralled by how "cool" Bart is. He tries a prank call to Moe, though the line “Hello Moe, your sister’s just been raped” not going down too well with the more light-hearted Bart. Stewie also tries his hand at skateboarding.
The other characters don't seem to appear much in the trailer, but one thing The Independent picked up on is Brian hinting that this is indeed a one-off, with the line "I don’t know Lois, this looks like a one-shot deal."
It seems then that September 28th is to go down in history as an iconic day for the two cartoons, and one that seemed very unlikely when Family Guy was axed over a decade ago, only to be renewed due to its extreme popularity and DVD sales. I for one cannot wait, as it is a crossover that seems to have been teased on occasion within episodes of each series, for example, Peter Griffin appearing as a Homer clone here, or these cameos of various Simpsons characters in Family Guy.
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