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article image'Dolphin Tale 2' swims into theaters with 'No Good Deed'

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 12, 2014 in Entertainment
This is the weekend when Hollywood wouldn't mind a pleasant surprise. That would be in the form of "Dolphin Tale 2." The family-friendly film is out and simply because of the theater count, it could end on top.
But, The savior of the September box office will not be "Dolphin Tale 2." This weekend will prove to be another weak one, but at least two new films will battle it out and at least breathe some life into the numbers. The other film, "No Good Deed" could very well over-achieve and beat the tale of the dolphin.
Where last weekend was the slowest weekend at the box office of the year, this weekend will likely have two films in the double-digit grossing category. If "Guardians of the Galaxy" plays like last week, then add another, but that film has exhausted it wins. But, what a ride it was and it will continue to add to its yearly totals until it officially closes.
"Guardians of the Galaxy will pass the $300 million mark, domestically, this weekend.
1. "Dolphin Tale 2" - 3,656 theaters
2. "No Good Deed" (2014)- 2,175 theaters
3. "The Drop" - 809 theaters
4. "Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt" - 240 theaters
5. "The Skeleton Twins" - 15 theaters
6. "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" - 4 theaters
Warner Brothers and its "Dolphin Tale 2" is indeed a sequel so most people will know what to expect. The feel-good family tale about a tail, is back, and aims to delight the exact same crowd as the last one. It will do that but not much more. It stars Harry Connick Jr., Morgan Freeman, Kris Kristofferson and Ashley Judd.
"No Good Deed" stars Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson and centers around a mystery man sho shows up and then prompty terroizes a family.
There is a reason these movies drop in September as this is the slowest month a year, usually. Plus, there may be a fine performance or two, the overall product, is weak. Now, enter "The Drop" starring James Gandolfini. It may invoke more emotion because he is in it, but could this be the pleasant surprise that is needed now? The crime drama should please its intended audience. It also stars Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace.
The way to check that is to see the gross because it isn't playing in nearly as many theaters as the top two. But, it plays well and see it expand and Gandolfini buzz moves on.
On that same note, but even smaller release is "The "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby." Love is found and lost and that is a well-worn theme. But that is when the preformers matter, and that is up to the audience. It stars Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy.
"The Skeleton Twins" is about twins who look to mend relationships and heal.They are played by Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. "The Green Prince," "The Devil's Door" and "The Honeymoon" may also get some eyes this weekend, as will "Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt."
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