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article imageCBC's word-slinging Rex Murphy takes a shot at Jian Ghomeshi

By Marcus Hondro     Nov 10, 2014 in Entertainment
From a current CBC icon to a former, and a disgraced one, Rex Murphy sent out a barbed commentary on Jian Ghomeshi last week. His taped rant did not mince words as Murphy made it clear that the end of Ghomeshi's tenure at the CBC was welcome indeed.
Murphy opined that Ghomeshi only used his radio show Q as a "mattress for his ego" and quickly gets to detailing Ghomeshi's journey from a "marquee all-star in this building (to) Voldemort, the unspeakable, from high stardom to a blot on the landscape." The Voldemort Murphy refers to is a rather complex character in the Harry Potter series; complex and decidedly evil, Voldemort is known alternately as "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" and the "Dark Lord."
Murphy's three-minute on-air diatribe was shown The National Thursday and it has created a bit of a stir. Ghomeshi was with the CBC for some two decades, for 14 years the star of Q. He was fired on October 26 after a graphic sex video was seen by CBC staff in which he was shown hitting a woman and causing her harm.
Ghomeshi himself brought it to the CBC to show its lawyers and said the actions in it were consensual, but CBC exec Heather Conway said on Friday that the behaviour in the video was unacceptable to the broadcaster, consensual or not, hence the firing.
It is not just the venerable Rex Murphy, a bastion of the old-guard at the CBC, who has put the "over-the-hill hipster" Ghomeshi in their sights since his downfall. He has been beset by critics after a string of accusations about his attacks on women and his having created a toxic work environment for staff who worked on Q.
The accusations of violence come from as many as 12 women who have given accounts to media claiming they were punched, choked and in other ways abused by the 47-year-old Ghomeshi without their consent. Three of those women, including actress Lucy DeCoutere, filed complaints with Toronto police and they have opened an investigation into Ghomeshi.
"He wanted to be in the same space as those he was interviewing, a petty celebrity god, shooting, gliding above it it all," Murphy said. "It seems that in the grim lit chamber of his mind, it put him above the rules and regard for those he met or worked with."
Ghomeshi is in hiding in an unknown location, though last week he was rumored to be in Los Angeles. He still has a $55 million lawsuit filed against the CBC and last week hired a high-profile lawyer.
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