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article image'Inside Out' takes on 'Jurassic World'

By Tim O'Brien     Jun 18, 2015 in Entertainment
Usually when an animated movie is set to open, all eyes would be on that film. It is the family films that easily take the box office crown.
That is not likely to happen this weekend as "Inside Out" opens. The film is already being touted as the potential Oscar winner for best animated picture. That aside, it has to contend with the current champ, "Jurassic World."
That film just had the best opening weekend ever, all over the globe. It is a tough act to follow and will be this weekend, too. Even if it drops the usual 50 percent, "Jurassic World" would grab $108 million for its second weekend out, domestically. That is massive for a second weekend and since it over-achieved last weekend, that may happen again.
But, taking a look at the projection from Deadline and they are expecting a more than 50 percent drop for "Jurassic World." The dinosaur flick will still be the pick and may take in up to $94 million. But, again, it over-achieved last weekend in a big way, though. It may under-perform in that same big way if everyone who wanted to see it, did. That is really not likely, however.
But, "Inside out" has appeal to more than just families. So, no matter what, the box office should be healthy after the weekend plays out. Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith and Mindy Kaling lend their voices to the minds in our heads.
Those emotions in our heads are: Joy (Poehler), Fear (Hader), Anger (Black), Sadness (Smith) and Disgust (Kaling). The PG animated film will resonate with many for sure. Pixar has another hit here, but it is not a sure-fire family film. The subject matter may be a hard sell and aimed more toward the adult audience. The adults may go and bring the kids for a buffer and to use as an excuse.
1. "Inside Out" - 3,946 theaters
2. "Dope" - 2,002 theaters
Meanwhile, a smaller film is making waves. "Dope" featuring rising star Shameik Moore and was the fan favorite at the Sundance Film Festival. The 1990s Hip-Hop scene is played out and nostalgia is there and that will surely help. But, be ready for the fun headlines and the rest. For example, "Dope" is not dope or "Dope" is smart. Yes, we will get that and if it really does well, that just may be done right here.
So, the bottom line is that if "Inside Out" does not finish in the top spot, it will be the first Pixar film not to do so. Finishing second to "Jurassic World" after the weekend it had is not a bad thing, though.
By the way, the demographic for "Jurassic World" broke down like this, noted Box Office Mojo. Females usually drive the box office. However, with "Jurassic World," it was males dominating, with 52 percent. Furthermore, 61 percent of the total audience were older than 25. That means that more males and an older crowd (that often skip movies) went to "Jurassic World."
"Inside Out" will do well overseas, too, so the battle is on, and the winner is the box office.
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